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Holiday Marketing Emails: Best Practices & Templates

With the holiday season just around the corner, marketers have to plan their best to attract potential customers. The strategy should revolve around developing email templates that are visually promotional and have the right technique of showcasing the product.

One should show up the excitement level in their email so that readers can feel the worthiness of the product. Inspirational holiday email templates can help in reflecting the essence of holidays in the right way.

As a marketer, you have to think a lot before developing amazing email templates for different holidays such as Black Friday, Halloween, New Year, Christmas, & Cyber Monday, but you can still make it work with an innovative way of thinking.

Find out some of the best email templates:

1. Black Friday:

Image Courtesy: mailjet

It’s a creative work of conveying the Black Friday message with the shadow depicting the darkness in the background. Here, the black and white combination gives an elegant touch with multiple numbers of CTAs (Call To Actions).

2. Cyber Monday:

Image Courtesy: sendinblue

Just as Black Friday is important to the retailers, Cyber Monday is crucial for the eCommerce merchants. The largest sale on the internet, which follows Black Friday and takes place on Monday, is popular among the customers. The above email template promotes gadgets and offers attractive discounts for potential customers.

3. Halloween Savings:

Image Courtesy: EmailMonks

This holiday email template is the best way to attract customers. Along with entertaining the readers with the Halloween night message, it also promotes different products in the email so that customers do get attracted to the website.

4. Promoting Small Shopping With Small Business:

Image Courtesy: ConstantContact

With small businesses comprising of 99.99% of all the United States businesses, the above holiday email template is designed for promoting services of small businesses.

5. Thanksgiving Email Template:

Image Courtesy: ConstantContact

Check out the above image where you can see the Thanksgiving email template with attractive images of a good feast.

6. Company’s Story Email Template:

Image Courtesy: mailjet

Every time, the end of the year is the best time to give customers a summary of the company’s timeline.

Then why do most of the organizations shy away from talking about themselves?

It’s just because they think that it might get too promotional; part of brand loyalty is opening up and sharing the success stories with your potential customers so that they can be converted as loyal ones.

Colorado email template mentions the complete timeline where you can show the significant milestone and also adding the quote from the CEO and influential employee from the organization. With that, one can add the promotion of the special gift and thanking the customers for their continuous support. It also helps in attracting more customers to the holiday offers of the organization.

Make the email an engaging, relevant, and entertaining one. Develop a story around the company, which will work well with the brand identity of the company.

7. Christmas Holiday Shopping Deadline Of Shipping:

Image Courtesy: PRINTFUL

The subject here is free shipping to end in two days. The information is to-the-point, and also not much information, which can distract the readers.

8. Bundle Email Template:

Image Courtesy: EmailMonks

The subject line where it’s showing bundle 3 items and take 10% off, bundle 4 items and take 15% off makes it attractive for the customers.

The images are also attractive. The festive season is for the customers who enjoy shopping, and this email template offers them a unique shopping bonanza!!!

The bundle email template shows the sale of 3 and 4 items.

These carefully designed email templates are the ones, which can make the customers stick to your product or service.

9. New Year Email Template:

Image Courtesy: sendinblue

New Year is an excellent time for wishing the customers with a personalized New Year message from your brand. You can talk about what’s in store for the business in the coming year.


Email always help in contacting potential customers in the best possible way. As a marketer, you should not miss the holiday season to promote your product with the best-designed templates, and reaching out to the prospects.

It’s been seen that organizations can generate huge profits during this time, as most of the customers are willing to spend more. So, explore this opportunity to get the best business results.

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