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Best Newsletter Design tips

10 Best Newsletter Design Tips

Designing an email newsletter can wear off any great marketer as it differs from the regular marketing emails. One should do proper analysis before laying out a strategy to develop the best and attractive newsletters.

As newsletters are essential in any business to maintain the relationship with the existing and attract new customers, you just have to follow some basic steps to design a GREAT newsletter.

Find some of the simple tactics explained below, which can help you achieve your goal:

1. Figuring Out The Audience:

First figure out who your audience is?

You always have to keep your audience in mind while developing a newsletter. Without knowing your audience and what keeps them interested, you cannot design the right email newsletter. Analyze their needs, expectations, to develop engaging content.

Many marketers get confused between good content and engaging content. They feel that any good content is engaging content. You have to understand the content however good it is, if it does not serve the purpose of the audience, you cannot keep them engaged.

Develop a compelling copy of your newsletter content and send it to your reader, which they cannot afford to ignore!!!!

2. Having A Proper Design:

The design of an email newsletter is as important as the content. Developing an attractive and creative design is crucial for the success of the newsletter. You can use the corporate designs which can be clearly seen by the recipient and is adaptable to different devices.

3. Using Color Psychology To Grab Attention:

Most of the email newsletter put a block of color at the top of the newsletter. While this is useful for hooking the attention of the reader and compelling them to read the content until the end, every color should be chosen as per the content and the service provided by your organization.

Colors are very useful to create a newsletter that is exciting to read. It also helps in designing the content that can guide the attention of the recipient in the right direction.

Do not overload the newsletter with different colors as it can be overwhelming for the recipient. You just have to use it in the right way!!!! Check the below example:


Image Courtesy: mailer lite

Here, you can see theBalm Cosmetics used contrast colors, where the background color is light rose with the CTA having a different color. The subscribers now have the idea of where to click for purchasing free mascara.

4. Using Creativity In Subject Lines:

Subject lines are a priority in any marketing practice. Even if the subscriber signs up for your newsletter, it is not guaranteed that they are ever going to open your emails. Ignite your creativity to craft the best subject line and compel the recipient to open and read it.

5. Giving Equal Attention To Images:

It is a tough job to find the right images for email newsletters. You should have an undivided focus on putting the right images to hold the interest of the reader. As per the Litmus Research, almost two-third of the subscribers prefer emails that have images. Check the email newsletter shown below:

rei email newsletter

rei email newsletter-2
Image Courtesy: HubSpot

This email newsletter is one of the examples where the complete story is told in the form of images. REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.), which is an American outdoor recreation services corporation, developed this newsletter completely dedicated to the runners. Not only it offers the seasonal products at the top of the mail, but also educates the recipients on the new products.

The images used in the newsletter conveys the entire story and offering. It piques the interest of the reader to a new level from the beginning to the end.

6. Having At Least One Main CTA:

As, it is known, CTAs are necessary to achieve your goal; make sure that you include at least one main CTA with proper highlight. The next thing to consider is the right placement of the CTA, which would motivate the reader to take the right action.

7. Adding Section Headings:

Headings and titles form an essential part of a newsletter. Try yourself, what captures your attention when you are browsing a newsletter or website? Most of the times, it would be the catchy heading.

It does not matter whether your content is great with the best images, if the content does not have a proper section heading, then there are high chances it might get bypassed by the reader. So, use it wisely wherever needed.

8. Building The Expectation Of The Subscriber:

A subscriber will never like to read promotional content, which only talks about your service. They have subscribed for your newsletter as they found it worthwhile; utilize this opportunity to develop and send content, which is 90% educational and only 10% promotional.

9. Telling A Story:

Sharing the story, as the company grows, is one of the innovative methods for designing a good newsletter. Be as much creative and narrative in telling a story to keep the reader interested. You can include the date of establishment, and the reason why you thought your service would help the specific set of customers, etc. You can try some funny and interesting tactics as well.

Image Courtesy: upland PostUp

10. Maintaining The Consistency Of The Brand:

With so many things to focus on, do not deviate from the consistency of the brand. Consistency helps to develop brand credibility and trust among the customers. You should have a familiar newsletter with consistent designs for the dedicated group of followers. The designs should be consistent with the same footer and header throughout the newsletters.

Final Words:

There are enormous benefits of a newsletter as it helps to reach the target market. These are the customers who have shown interest in the services of your company, and have signed up the subscription. Now, it’s your responsibility to nurture the relationship with these customers and motivate them to purchase your service in the future also. With these design tips, you can maintain the right contact with the customers by providing them with the rich information valuable for their business.

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