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Black Friday Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Thanksgiving Day is followed by Black Friday, the day when most of the people in US are frenzied by the shopping activities.

But do you know how it got started?

As mentioned earlier, the majority of the people come out shopping on this day, which causes accidents, even violence, due to the volume of shoppers. The states which had seen most of the violence on this day were Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Nevada. For this reason, the day got the prefix as “Black”. Gradually, as it became one of the profitable days for the retail and US economy, it took on a positive connotation, with retailers offering heavy discounts on the day.

Retail owners expect huge sales during this period; they know, with good offers and discounts, they can attract a huge crowd to their stores. Online retailers are also not left behind!!!!

According to Adobe Analytics, online retailers earned a whopping $6.22 billion on the Black Friday of 2018.

Image Courtesy: Shopify

The above line graph shows how, during Black Friday, there was a massive transaction in a single minute.

So, which tactics should be used to design a Black Friday email template?

As a marketer, you should always experiment with the new ideas to find out which one works best for your organization, and product. We have some simple, but effective email templates which you can implement in your marketing strategy:

1. Scarcity Email Template:

Scarcity mindset makes a human being to focus on things that they do not have.

Wikipedia even defines scarcity as “the fundamental economic problem of having unlimited human wants in the world of limited sources. It means the society has fewer resources to fulfill all human needs and wants.”

Our brains are wired to act quickly when we feel that the product will be soon out of stock.

As an email marketer, you can use some words like:

Sale ends tonight
Limited time only
Last chance
Today only

The words can trigger an urgency in the minds of the customers. This Amazon example, where the brand states “only 2 left in stock” is the perfect line for creating an urgency into the minds of the potential customer.

Image Courtesy: Amazon

2. Using GIFs:

When you add the dynamic images in your email, it becomes a unique way to delight your subscribers.

Image Courtesy: KIDLY

The above example is of Kidly, one of the clothing and toy company for children. The moving image was fun to watch, and the email proved to be an outstanding one.

3. Straightforward Message:

This tactic has worked for many brands. Some customers like straightforward information. Try keeping your content brief and convey the message clearly at once. You have to understand that your customer would be searching for better offers on other websites, so you have to grab the opportunity with precise information that would motivate the customer to finalize your product immediately. Check the below email template where you can see the brief and straightforward message.

Image Courtesy: Casper

4. Surprise Emails:

Some customers like surprise emails. When all the tactics fail, you can surprise the customer by extending the offer by a day or two. Make this message clear and bold, just as shown here “One more day, just for you…”

Image Courtesy: SUMO

As these customers like suspense, you can build up the right curiosity level by offering them a surprise gift with the following messages:

  • A gift with the customer’s order
  • Unravel the mysterious gift with a “scratch off”

5. Display Some Of Your Products:

When you showcase some of your high-quality products to the customers, it entices the people to use the discounts right away.

Image Courtesy: mailjet

6. Sending Teaser Emails:

When you send the teaser email to your customer, like in the first email announcement of the big sale, in the second email a reminder of the specific sale, and the final email where you have to send just 2 or 3 hours before the end of the sale. One of the examples of the teaser email:

Subject: Black Friday Sales Are Coming! Here’s What to Expect

Hey, [name]!

Are you as excited as we are for Black Friday?

To celebrate the holidays and eating turkey, we’re running our biggest sale yet. Starting at midnight Thanksgiving day, we’re opening up 40% OFF our hottest products!

Keep in mind that stock is limited and it’s on a first-come, first-served basis!

Don’t want to miss out? Click here to join our special Black Friday email list to be among the first to get notified when our sales happen (and when stock is getting low).

Until then, wishing you a happy dinner with friends & family!


7. Refining The Subject Line:

Refine the subject line with these tactics:

  • Being a little funny and creative
  • Using an emoji after all it’s taking a break from the daily boring schedule!!!
  • Keeping the subject line under or 30 characters
  •  Describe the discount in the subject line only

Summarized Thoughts:

Sales via online on the Black Friday of 2018 jumped to a decent 23.6% from the previous year. It was around $6.2 billion, proving that the retailers had a good time generating huge profits.

This year, everybody is expecting to be a bumper Tech Black Friday, as in the last year out of $6.2 billion of total revenue, around $2 billion were from the smartphones. Keeping that idea in mind, organizations have started promoting other tech products as well, shown below:

Image Courtesy: techradar

With the right Black Friday email template, you can motivate the consumers to purchase the product at affordable prices.

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