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What is Data Appending

33% of the businesses have as many as 100,000 records in the database and 40% of the business fail due to poor data quality.

What is Data Appending

Types Of Data Appending Service In B2B:

  • Email appending
  • Postal address appending
  • Social media appending
  • Phone appending
  • Demographic data appending
  • Technographic data appending
  • Psychographic data appending
  • Firmographic data appending

Forms Of Data Appending:

  • Reverse appending
  • Forward appending
  • Fractional appending

Email Appending Steps:

  • Converting downloaded file to the CSV
  • Matching the client file with the master database
  • Conducting standardization of the data
  • Validation and verification
  • Automated messages opt-out
  • Downloading the appended files

Inputs From Data Appending:

  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • First name
  • Last name

Benefits Of Data Appending:

  • Cleaner information
  • Eradicating the unnecessary ones
  • New and relevant information
  • Improved segmentation
  • Keeping the cost down
  • Sticking to the recent customers, less than 36 or 48 months old

Data Appending Process:

  • Addition of new data every 90 days
  • Email addresses screened thoroughly
  • Email addresses to undergo various verification process for checking invalid domains and spam traps
  • Email is sent via a secure HTTP server to the client

Effectiveness Of The Data:

  • Adding the correct information to each of the records and removing redundant entries
  • Removing the duplicate data and locating missing elements in each of the records
  • Cleansing the database of any data formatting errors

Outcome Of Data Appending Process?

  • Connecting with the target audience at a higher level
  • Achieving higher customer retention
  • Converting single-channel customers into high-value multichannel customers
  • Kick-starting the multi-marketing strategies
  • Amplifying the conversion rates
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