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9 Enchanting Halloween Blooms For Your Marketing Garden

Halloween day is near, so is the preparation for the spooky night.

The scary night is popular in US, as it gives a good break from the hectic schedule. Halloween promotions are full of treats and fun, and a creative marketing campaign makes this possible by building the right set-up. As a marketer, you can increase engagement and sales when you implement an out-of-the-box idea in your marketing promotion.

You have to keep in mind that most of the people want to rejuvenate themselves by enjoying the event to the fullest. Implementing unconventional and innovative ideas at the event can be useful for attracting the crowd and improving business results.

Some of the Halloween promotion ideas for the small business are:

1. Sprinkling Some Pumpkin Seeds:

Halloween has been a good time for modifying the ad copy of the Google ad campaigns which you have been running. It is one of the big events for almost all businesses. So, if you are trying to target Halloween related keywords, it can be expensive for your organization. This should not deter your effort. You can simply update the copy in your advertisements and continue targeting standard keywords.

Develop an enticing message like 60% off in all the Halloween costumes – October 14 (expires soon)

Before modifying this ad copy, you should do proper keyword research for coming up with better keyword combinations. Promoting special offers in your ads for some of the Halloween products with an expiry date can create urgency among the customers.

2. Throwing A Terrifying Halloween Party:

A Halloween party can boost your marketing campaign. All the age-groups can enjoy the party. It will increase footfall and attract new customers.

It is not necessary to have expensive decorations for the party. You only have to create the right scary ambiance with the handmade decoration of the flying bats, pumpkin, jack-o-lanterns to make it successful. The craziest ideas can add up the fun element to the party. You can also offer some exclusive sales for the party, such as 15% off to shoot up the sales.

3. Pumpkin Carving Contest:

You have to purchase enough pumpkins before starting the contest. Make sure you buy some extra pumpkins with empty bowls and carving tools.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Image Courtesy: NBC New York

Be careful it can be messy when the contest starts!!!!!

But who cares it’s all about having fun and enjoyment.

One has to become a part of this contest for having a unique experience. Demonstrate one live pumpkin carving example to the participants so that they can have the idea of using the right tools at the right stage for carving the pumpkin. Tell your participants to be as creative as possible- Make a happy, funny, scary pumpkin so that others can also enjoy by seeing it when the contest gets over.

4. Discount On The Dress-Up With Halloween:

Everybody knows the center of attraction in any Halloween event, is the scary dress which one wears. You can offer a discount to anybody who turns up at your store by wearing a Halloween dress.

5. Spooky Decoration For Your Storefront:

Decorating your store with the Halloween holiday theme can set the right mood for the customer. The look and feel should be catchy enough to impress the customer when they visit the store.

Spooky Decoration

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

You have to design the welcome pop-up so that when a customer enters the store, it catches his attention. Flexible decorative items, captivating messages and a catchy image of Halloween are some of the crucial things for decorating your store.

Halloween Info-graphic

Image Courtesy: Disruptive Advertising

You can also provide them with essential information like the one above so that they can get an idea that you have a fair knowledge about Halloween shopper’s statistics, making them trust your service.

6. Emails Never Fail:

You should know this long before, email marketing is never going to disappoint you. Provide customers which they need, like in a newsletter, you should announce the upcoming event at your store, with a clear CTA for wonderful savings.

7. Setting Up A Booth For A Scary Selfie:

Most of the people just loving taking pictures, and when it comes to taking their own, they will love to dress up and show up for the photo session. The costumes with masks, hats, spiderwebs can encourage other onlookers to participate in the same. The fun element is the highlight of this set-up. You can further spice up by promoting these photos on social media channels

8. Designing A Halloween Logo:

Your logo should always represent your brand, but during the festive event, you can be a little flexible. Add up little zing to the logo with fun elements like a haunted house, pumpkins, bats, and other widely popular Halloween images. You should never make any major changes to the logo to maintain the real essence of your brand.

9. Halloween Hashtag:

Hashtags, which are popular on the social media channels, can also be used for this seasonal event. You can keep track of the content posted on the social media channel, the content which most of the followers want to share with your organization, and then using it for other promotions.


Halloween promotion can be hugely successful when it is rightly executed. One has to be creative enough with Halloween theme on the mind. The scariest idea can become popular for attracting a large crowd. So, as a marketer, promote your brand in the spookiest way to hit the right chord with the people.

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