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What Shouldn’t You Do In Mobile Email Marketing?

In the current scenario, mobile email marketing has become a mandatory practice. You can’t ignore it as most recipients check their emails on mobile. As a marketer, you should adapt fast to the changing trends to increase customer engagement and further sales. Don’t commit these sins in mobile email marketing.

What Shouldn't Do In Mobile Email Marketing?

Important Don’ts In Mobile Email Marketing:

  • Don’t ignore importance of a mobile-friendly website (linked with emails)
  • Don’t forget to check the speed of your website pages
  • Don’t overlook the testing of your emails
  • Don’t add too many stats in mobile emails (right proportion of content)
  • Don’t ignore mobile customer data
  • Don’t put yourself in the box; check new trends
  • Don’t ignore mobile SEO
  • Don’t forget to add pre-header text
  • Don’t send bulk emails

What Not To Forget In Mobile Email Content Subject Lines?

  • You need to check the character length in email subject line
  • Keep it under 60 characters
  • A short message fits the mobile screen
  • It also looks attractive

Don’t Forget CTAs Placement In Mobile Emails?

  • CTAs are the crucial messages in an email
  • It motivates customers to take the next action
  • Make CTA button of 44*44 pixels
  • Keep enough space around the CTAs
  • Put it at the centre to get right attention

What Not To Ignore While Sending Mobile Emails?

  • Timing plays a crucial role for more mobile email open
  • Find the right time when customers are most active
  • Send out emails at that time to get more clicks
  • Hold customers’ attention with a relatable and useful message

Don’t Overlook Resizing Of Emails On Different Mobile Devices:

  • The iOS devices would resize itself
  • Android devices would cut at around 320 pixels

Some Interesting Statistics On Mobile Email Marketing:

  • 40% of smartphone users are under the age of 55
  • 1 in 4 people are over 55
  • 3 of every 4 person use smartphone to check emails


With the desktop-style content not getting enough views like mobiles, optimizing your every email for mobiles has become an absolute necessity.

When you do this, customers are attracted to your emails and they love reading your message. But not many marketers have mastered the art of designing such emails. Time and again, they commit errors that you can consider as grave ones.

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