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InfoClutch & CAN-SPAM Compliance

CAN-SPAM is the controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003. It was signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 16, 2003. The law came into effect to protect the customers from the spam emails, causing inconvenience to them.

How exactly CAN-SPAM works?

This law makes spamming unattractive. In the present business world, a huge number of emails land into the recipient’s inbox, and most of these aren’t relevant for them. Some businesses include a subject line just to attract the attention of the customer but the email doesn’t include any of the information. CAN-SPAM aims to eliminate this practice so that customers also don’t spend their valuable time opening the email. Whether it is an advertisement email from a genuine business, if the recipient isn’t interested, they can choose to back off.
The rule completely takes care of the recipients’ interests. In the competitive business world, where the audience is bombarded with a good number of marketing and sales emails, resulting in the deluge of the inbox, CAN-SPAM makes life easy for these recipients. They can have control of what emails they want to see in their inbox.
Now, as an organization, if you’re violating the CAN-SPAM regulations, it could lead to heavy fines. The CAN-SPAM aligned emails are made in a way that has no deceptive subject lines, misleading header information, has a clear opt-out mechanism. You need to follow all these to be on the right track.
All commercial emails should comply with the CAN-SPAM rules. As businesses want to reach mammoth customers in a short span and be in touch with them, they often make it difficult for customers to opt out of their service. This shouldn’t be the case if you have to comply with CAN-SPAM. The rules are strict and highly in favor of the recipients who are bothered by many brands’ sales emails landing in their inbox.

What are the rules and regulations in CAN-SPAM?

For the email message, the “From” line should clearly represent the business that is sending the message. And after that, the subject line should precisely describe the content inside the email. One can’t deviate from the content mentioned in the subject line as this is against the rules in CAN-SPAM Act. When the customer can precisely see who the sender is, they can decide whether to open or delete the email.
Also, as per the law, the email should include the postal address of the business to confirm the genuineness of the message. Almost all the established or functioning businesses have a mailing address which they like to include the email. It is also a sign that your business has a physical presence; no spammer would have a physical address in a country. This is where the law aims to tick.
If the recipient wants to opt-out of your messages, you should honor their request within the ten business days. And the most crucial part you can’t charge them for this process. It is their right that no service provider could deny.
The other rule that needs to be followed is that you have to clearly mention that the email is an advertisement so that the recipient won’t be disappointed after opening the email. Finally, last but not the least, businesses should have the permission to send the email to the recipient on the list.

CAN-SPAM and InfoClutch

1) How InfoClutch ensures that emails are compliant with CAN-SPAM?

We are one of the best providers of prospect data. And we completely understand the need to have the CAN-SPAM law in place, so that recipient’s interest is completely taken care of our professionals develop the best marketing practices aligned with the law.

2) How CAN-SPAM impacts InfoClutch?

The law that aims to make recipient’s life easier also makes the business process better. As we offer some of the best quality business data, our professionals also ensure that the practices and solutions are compliant with CAN-SPAM. The law is a necessity to protect recipients from a significant number of spammers.

3) Would CAN-SPAM help all B2B businesses like InfoClutch?

Every business that follows a set of rules or protocols is bound to be benefited from this law. And InfoClutch is one among them. As, customers like to maintain a relationship with organizations that care for them, the law is further going to streamline the service and make the email dissemination process easier and on the right track.

4) Are your customers aware of the CAN-SPAM Act?

We do our best to make them aware of the rules and regulations in the CAN-SPAM Act. This is necessary for any business that wants to have a smooth process and achieve the right reputation in the market.

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