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Increase the Email Response Rate Near to 100%

As a marketer, it is necessary to check the performance of your every email marketing campaign to ensure that your effort is going in the right direction. When you do not know where your campaign is headed to, it becomes challenging to improvise your marketing effort in the next campaign.

A right email response implies that customers are interested in your service and might purchase it in the future. So, the trick here is crafting the right email marketing content for reaching the right customer at the right time, and increasing the number of responses, conversions.

The right email response requires compelling the reader, to go through the entire content, and take the required action.

You have to implement appropriate steps for increasing the number of email responses, and eliminating the recipients from the list whom you think are not going to take the right CTA.

Check the below example of an email template:

Image Courtesy: Campaign Monitor

As you can see in the above image, this email template is designed for women consumers. If this email is sent to the male recipients, then it will drag down the performance rate of the email campaign, and you will receive less email response. One has to remove all the male recipients from the list, so that it does not show poor results at the end.

Find the right email marketing trick below to increase the response:

High-Quality Subject Lines:

An accurate and high-quality subject line is necessary to hold the attention of the recipient. Craft a subject line which addresses the pain points of the potential customer, it helps you in bringing one step closer to your customer and achieving the target.

Find the bread and butter for developing some best subject lines:

  • Curiosity
  • Urgency
  • Self-interest
  • Offer
  • Creating a story
  • News
  • Social proof

Include A Clear Call-To-Action:

A clear call-to-action avoids confusion among the recipients. The CTA should be linked to the services or products of the business, than a general link to the website. You have to be sure that the email message is consistent with the CTA.

Too many CTAs should be avoided, as this way, you will be putting the burden on the recipients. Make the message clear and precise, with the right CTA.

Priority To Quality Than Quantity:

Quality should always be given priority over quantity, as spamming the recipients with more number of emails will lead you nowhere. The outcome will not be pleasant, warding off the recipients from opening your email and responding accordingly.

Offering Opt-In SMS Marketing:

You can use the email marketing for promoting SMS opt-ins, and help to reward the leads with the additional high-value offers. This can further help in segmenting and qualifying the leads by tracking from which emails the opt-ins have come from.

Most of these texts are opened within a few minutes, which enables you to use the offers which are time-sensitive for incentivizing any immediate action.

Optimizing The Scheduling Of Emails:

The timing of the emails hugely matters, while sending the email as most of the recipients open the email at their convenient time. Using the right inbox features such as Gmail Send Later can help in scheduling the right time of emails.


As a marketer, it is a headache to get the right response from the recipient. With the majority of the recipients getting bombarded with an immense number of emails on a daily basis, most of these emails are never opened or are deleted immediately by the recipients.

You have to find the right technique, so that your recipients do not get irritated by the frequent number of emails and give the right response. The above blog rightly discusses how to increase the email response by following specific techniques and procedures.

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