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8 Tips To Ignite Email Marketing Performance

As a marketer, you would have faced many hurdles in improving your email marketing performance. There would have been cases where the emails sent to the recipients get spammed out, thus making your marketing effort futile. Even if the recipient sees your email, there are chances he might turn a blind eye to it, as it does not align with his interests. Such cases call for an action where you can implement steps to improve the performance of email marketing

Find out real-time and effective ways:

1. Be Creative With The Users Who Have Been Inactive For A Long Time:

There would be many dormant users not responding to your mail for a long time. You have to approach these recipients creatively and compel them to reply back. Understanding the mindset of the customer helps in the successful reactivation of the users. It is always not an easy task to pull back the dormant customers, but with proper strategy it can be worked out

2. Admitting Your Mistakes:

We are human beings and are bound to make mistakes very often. So, if you are sending a mail that is not aligned correctly or does not have the attached videos as mentioned in the email, then it is better to admit your mistake in the next email. This adds a humanized texture to the email, working well with the inactive users. There are many inactive users who do not respond as they feel emails sent to them lacks the human touch and there is no point interacting with a machine. This approach can change their view and pave the path for a better communication process.

3. Personalized Interaction:

We all like personalized connection whether it’s a product or service. A readily-available product does not meet our specific needs, unlike a customized one. So, if the email is also personalized then the recipient feels the connection with the sender.

A personalized email need not be completely personal but should have an approach to make the recipient feel accustomed to your product or service by increasing their likeability towards it. This can be made successful only by aligning your company’s services with their interests.

You have to write as if you are writing individually to each person by using the first name of the recipient, and speaking directly by using the word ‘you.’ Even while signing off, you have to do it with your name than the corporate name for making it look real.

4. Keeping It Simple:

The recipients highly favor plain text mails than the HTML based emails. The emails which do not have underlines, bold, special layout, italics options gives a cleaner and professional look to the mail.

As per a study by HubSpot, a simpler designed email is a clear winner, and the A/B testing has proved it.

5. Telling Your Brand Story:

After the recipient successfully opens your email, your email content should uniquely tell your brand story. Customers are always attracted to unique things, and if it is conveyed in a storytelling format, then they find it more interesting. Many of the marketers feel if a good brand story cannot be told, then the product cannot be sold.

6. Effective Welcome Emails For Higher Click-Through Rates:

With more technological usage recipients are losing their attention span. In such scenarios, there is a need to develop creative welcome emails to hold the attention of the recipient. Crafting unique content can increase the click-through rates and open rates, with the recipients becoming more interested in the email content.

7. Changing The Frequency Of The Sent Emails:

It all depends on the marketing goals, the campaigns can be send twenty times per day or once a day. If the open rate of the email is much lower than the industry’s benchmark, then the strategy has to be changed. Sending more number of emails is not a guarantee for increasing the engagement level. One has to plan and schedule the emails for keeping the customers engaged and interacted on an optimum level, than being bombarded with many emails or too fewer mails.

8. Not Adding Too Many Attachments:

It has been seen that adding many attachments can affect the performance of your email. Most of the recipients like messages which are mentioned in the email only than opening the attachment. They do not like getting overwhelmed by many attachments in the email as it can be time-consuming for them.


Email marketing cannot be ignored as they are the best media to reach your potential customers. When one does not get the expected results from this medium, then the actual reason has to be found out. Other than knowing likes, dislikes of the customers for email personalization, you have to be aware of other factors affecting the performance of email marketing. Analyzing and sending relevant messages as per the unique interests of the customers is the key to improve email marketing performance.

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