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Email Marketing Best Practices

Best Email Marketing Practices For 2019

Email marketing is favorite among the marketers as it helps in reaching the right prospect at the best time. Marketers have been trying different tactics for reaching out to the prospect via email, but many of the outdated tactics has not provided desirable results. This calls for immediate action to implement the latest email practices for the year 2019.

You can find some of the best email practices for the year 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Email marketing has witnessed huge changes due to artificial intelligence in the year 2019. Machine learning and AI will further disrupt the sector. There are many tools like Phrasee and Persado Pro Email which can help AI in enhancing the marketing results. The Phrasee tool is specialized in language generation and uses complex algorithms for creating subject lines, and email body content. Persado Pro Email is also known for analyzing the emails via machine learning and NLP tools for the maximization of the responses.

2. Improved Emphasis On Authenticity & Transparency:

With recipients getting bombarded with many emails, it has become increasingly challenging for standing out with the email content. Marketers have to give more emphasis on authenticity like sending emails from people instead of the companies. The emails should be also designed for providing value to the readers rather than just selling your services or products.

3. Publishing Content That Is 10x:

You can publish content that is 10 times better. The content has to be incorporated with more eye-catching visuals, and data which can result in the better engagement process. After identifying the unique value which you are providing to the audience, the next step has to be using the right tools for presenting the content in a better format to the audience.

4. Interaction & Engagement:

If the recipient does not find your emails interesting and useful for reference, then he might not reply thus reducing the engagement level. So make it interesting and engaging.

5. Successful Delivery Volume:

Just like the number of frequencies and repetition are some of the factors for a successful marketing process; email marketing has got one more factor which is successful delivery volume. The kind of consistency in delivery volume ensures that your emails avoid triggering spam filters of the customer accounts.

6. Timing & Frequency:

Timing and frequency matter a lot in the success of an email. Sending too many emails can result in the spamming and making your customers in opting out. The other way, when you send less number of emails, it can lower the conversions and open rates.

7. Using The Matching Preheader

Whenever an email is sent to the recipient, the first thing one notices is the subject line, sender name, and the preheader. A preheader can enhance the subject line and increase open rates. So, as a marketer one should use a matching pre-header to attract the attention of the recipient. As per a study, a message with a preheader has an average open rate of 29%.

8. Offering Something Extra:

The email subscribers will be getting many emails every day, where they would be asked for the free trial, downloading the e-book, or following someone on Twitter. Providing some extra features will benefit the subscribers, and they will be motivated to open your emails.

9. Making It Exclusive:

Develop an email where the offer is limited to a specific group of people, thus creating urgency among the recipients. You can create the subject line which makes the receiver feel exclusive to this offer group. This will make them feel special, and the next time you send the email, he will be excited to read the email.

10. Using Social Proof:

Customer reviews, user-generated content, and ratings act as social proof for building credibility among the customers. It even pulls the customer one step closer to the buying decision.

As per an article, almost 78% of the US consumers read the reviews before making the decision to purchase.


With the onset of the year 2019, many new marketing practices have been introduced. Email marketing has also undergone a sea of change with the integration of artificial intelligence and other new practices. As a marketer, you should implement the best practices in your email marketing strategy for improving performance.

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