How Artificial Intelligence Affecting Digital Marketing In 2018

  • Jul 13, 2018
  • Posted By: Robert Jordan
  • Category: Artificial Intelligence

In this new era of marketing, technology has seen incredible progression since years. Along with path-breaking advancement, the world has become more automated than before. Right from Android phone to the crewless aircraft, everyone loves to utilize the cutting-edge technology in their daily activities. It made marketers embrace the changes in their respective businesses as well.

Among several futuristic trends, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) have higher application in various fields. But, AI is said to have more impact on digital marketing comparatively. AI has become a trending topic over the past few years. The studies have proved that this trend will continue throughout 2018 and also coming years with the new advancements.

Few organizations have already dived into the AI pool to boost their revenue. If you also wish to integrate them into your marketing mix, it is the right time to do so. This blog will help you to know more about AI and its influence on the digital marketing strategy in your business. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
In simple terms, we can define Artificial Intelligence as a mimicking of human knowledge by machines. That is, the tools with AI features can perform cognitive functions such as problem-solving and learning from experiences. Chess playing computer is a standard example of this technology.

But, is it just a human imitator or does more than mimicking? Will it be of any help for industries worldwide? Or is it just a buzzword making noise online? Let us answer this question in this blog. AI is not just a smart robot portrayed in Hollywood movies. Instead, they do more than expected in the real world. They offer various benefits for industries worldwide. It has a more significant influence on digital marketing ground.

We listed a few ways to show how AI pumps up your digital marketing strategy effortlessly.

1. Personalized Experience
Personalization is the favorite part of every customer. They always love to receive customized messages or offers from their regular brands. Treating customers like a king is a motive of almost every industry around us. To make this happen, you need to have loads of customers data as well as invest some amount in AI technology in your organization.

AI works perfectly in getting most out of the given data. It intelligently understands the customer’s behavior pattern and customizes the content for every customer. Thus, integrating AI in digital marketing will provide a personalized touch to your business.

2. Real-Time Response
As mentioned in the previous point, the utilization of Artificial Intelligence in your business will help in retaining the loyal customer base. The customers or prospects always go for the service whose response rates are higher and solves their problem quickly. AI helps in achieving this with the help of well-built bots.

The AI chatbots enhance the user experience with a quick and reliable response. Few chatbots also come with sensory abilities such as voice and touch. These features will make customers more engaging as it is similar to speaking to a real person.

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3. Predictive Marketing
It is essential for every brand to reach the right target at the right time. The Artificial Intelligence tools will help you in this scenario with its prediction algorithm. It learns from the previous user’s data and predicts future marketing pattern effortlessly. Using this information, marketers can optimize their services for a better outcome.

The detailed report also reduces manual work and eases the decision-making process. Since marketing is a continuous process and it faces lots of fluctuations on the way, one needs to have a trustworthy plan in hand. The AI algorithm used here follows various models to make the prediction reliable and quicker.

4. Improve ROI
The high-level image recognition capability of Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for higher ROI and also the company revenue. Besides, it solves most of the security issues and makes the payment process faster. The algorithms utilize machine learning approach to study the user’s behavior pattern and creates a customized campaign for the targeted audiences.

The usage of AI makes your organization more data-driven which in turn helps in providing a personal touch to your services. It also saves most of the time and energy spent on uninterested prospects, thereby improving the campaign performance and ROI tremendously.

5. Boost Search Sessions
The advancement in technology made the users smarter than ever before. They search for various tools and applications to buy products or receive quality customer services. Therefore, to keep up with the race, one needs to implement AI enabled marketing strategy in their organizations.

They can use AI to study the user’s search pattern and optimize their contents. Also, they must not forget voice search in their strategy. The usage of Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa has reached a peak in 2018. The marketers must consider this in their AI tool.

6. Helps Advertising
Advertising is an essential tool used by marketers to promote their products online. So, the organization must give more importance to this factor to boost their business. They can utilize AI to do so by reducing most of the manual work. The customer’s data comes in handy to provide personalized ads.

The Artificial Intelligence tools analyses all the user’s data to predict their interest. Based on this report, businesses can create advertisements that match the customer’s preferences. Hence the optimized ads will increase the customer base and makes you look smarter in the marketing universe.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in businesses will never remove the human essence from marketing. It will only make the jobs more comfortable and thereby save lots of time and money. Also, the AI-powered tools will produce accurate and reliable result to rely upon it. So, list all the problems faced by your campaigns and see how AI can help you. It is a promising technology which helps in executing your business plans effortlessly.

AI holds real potential in the digital market. It acts as a connector between the prospects and the businesses. The well-structured procedures of AI help the organization to know its customer well. Besides, the customers will also know about the product and services better than before. So, both will be on the winning side in the end.

The above-said effects of AI on digital marketing will never remain stagnant. While the technology advances in a neck break speed, the usage of AI in marketing strategies continue to evolve along with it. Therefore, the marketers have to keep up with the race to stay ahead in the competition.