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Memorial Day Subject Line Ideas

Memorial Day will be here again on 27th May, and it’s high time you implement the right strategy to attract the attention of your recipient. A good subject line is a way to go for making this impact; it motivates the recipient to open your email.

How about planning your email series where you can interact with the recipient at regular period till 28th May?

Tracking the recipient and keeping them in the loop while sending any marketing emails related to Memorial Day sale will help to a great extent. You will be in the spotlight during this process, and the recipient will remember your brand. This will also inculcate good customer relationship. One thing to consider is that the customer should not be overwhelmed by your email as too much of it can overflow his mailing box.

The Memorial Day Subject lines have to be both creative, professional and avoid sounding pushy. As the day calls for each individual to show their patriotic side, it can be even made more memorable by pushing the sales in the right direction. This can be achieved by good marketing techniques by the marketer and proper response by the customer.

You have to revamp the tactics by pulling the attention of the recipient, with creative subject lines like:

  • Open the email for Memorial Day energizers
  • Memorial Day Plans? Do not miss our email
  • Memorial Day = Memorable profits
  • Final minute call – Memorial Day Savings
  • Utilize your time by remembering Memorial + planning vacation
  • Sun is out and Memorial Day is also back again
  • Order your requirements now with limited Memorial Day sales
  • Grab your product before it being grabbed- Memorial Day Warning
  • Be at the right time before it gets too late
  • Cannot ignore the best sales of the year
  • Day out with friends? Why miss Memorial Day sales?
  • Flash sale Memorial Day
  • Memorial Day sale starts from tomorrow. Do not miss the chance!!!!!
  • Gigantic Memorial Day Sale
  • Long weekends and huge savings

The above subject lines are direct and almost guarantees to attract attention. You can try out more professional and creative subject lines by customization:

  • Your long weekend just gets better
  • Big deals and big savings
  • Memorial Day grab at your doorstep
  • The real Memorial Day countdown begins
  • Remembering this day for huge sales
  • 4 huge sales for this long weekend
  • Make this day memorable with the best offer
  • Take your party out for the best sale
  • Celebrating Memorial Day with a special discount
  • Get 15% off your product offer ends on the 28th May
  • Long weekends and huge savings

Subject lines always act as the gate to your email content. It has to be consistently outstanding for attracting the recipient’s attention. Think out of the box and outsmart your competitors by crafting subject lines which hold the desired attention of the recipient. Your product or service will not get purchased unless the email gets opened by the customer, and he checks out your product.

While creating Memorial Day subject lines, you should try out different things for seeing how it works. You might never know the subject line which you thought as simple and not your best, can pull the much-needed attention and increases the open rate of the email. There have been instances, where a simple but instantly connecting subject line with the audience has worked surprisingly well.


The day has been named as “Memorial Day” which marks the commemoration of the fallen soldiers. Email templates have to be developed aligned with the theme of Memorial Day. Creation of best designs and subject lines will make the template series interesting, and the customer will not find it repetitive and outdated.

Consumers can also make the day pleasant for the marketers, by purchasing the best products pushed for a sale. Overall the day can be made memorable for both the customers and marketers. It can even stretch till 28th May by generating last-minute profits for the marketers. A great Memorial Day means overall happiness with huge savings.

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