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10 Unique Ways to Keep the Sales Team Engaged

Keeping your team engaged is the best solution for making your business successful. According to a poll, it was found that the percentage of employees engaged in the company’s process constitutes of only 34%.

Disengagement is a negative factor for the growth of the organization. All the teams need to be motivated, and the sales team which are the frontline employees for converting leads into customers have to be motivated at each step. This can bring out the best from them.

Some of the best ways to keep your sales team engaged are:

1. Catering To The Natural Tendencies Of Employees:

Every employee is different, and the sales representatives are mostly competitive by nature. So, one has to leverage the psyche of these representatives by connecting their motivation with the company’s goals. Their achievements can be rewarded as points or online badges.

A great company culture inspires the employees to perform their best. Motivational games, challenges can inspire the employees to engage with the company’s process and actively share their knowledge with their teammates.

2. Keeping Them Motivated:

Motivation is the biggest driving force for active growth in a team. It can be nurtured with the money prizes, bonus, experience-based incentives, the ticket for sports game or vacation.

The other motivation can be experienced based training. Organizations can make it as a value-added training, by integrating it with the major practices relevant to the industry. The employees can utilize this learning for the benefit of the organization whenever needed.

This process will generate positive vibes within the team, and the employees will feel like a valuable asset of the organization. It will also bring out some new approach and process to the forefront for being utilized in the growth of the organization.

3. Individual Training:

Organizations can provide a combination of both mobile and online course modules training on a one-to-one basis. The process will be rightly helpful in increasing the performance of even those employees who are not that great performers.

4. Keeping Training Convenient & Engaging:

Many MNCs have teams distributed across the world. For example, there are organizations whose sales team works from Dubai while the content team works from the U.S.

If both the teams are given training together through online procedures, then it becomes more engaging as both of them start understanding the constraints and limitations faced by the other team and try to find the solutions to overcome it.

5. Giving Them Honest Feedback & Appreciation:

The best way to improve the performance of employees is by providing them with honest feedback. If the performance has not that been great, then it is not necessary to give them crude feedback.

It might be in a refined form like “You tried hard, but the results have been not that encouraging.” Instill an element of confidence in them and make them feel that they can achieve the target. They should have the idea that each of their contributions is counted acting as a morale booster for them.

6. Building Trust:

In the race to outsmart each other and achieve the target, the sales team often tend to lose trust on their team members. This can hugely affect the overall sales achievements as instead of healthy competition they try to acquire each other’s leads for converting them as their customers. Organizations should have a comfortable environment where all the members help each other in the learning process.

7. Interacting With Sales Team About Customer Insights:

Like customer service team, sales team do carry out the client facing tasks. The only difference is that they sell the organization’s services or product while the customer service team helps the client in resolving the issues related to the product.

But both of them understand, what makes the customer happy, what annoys them etc. So to make the product tick in the market, one should ask for customer insights from both the teams. This will help in improvising the product features as well as in receiving valuable opinion, feedback and customer insights from the sales team.

8. Tracking & Celebrating Small Wins:

A small win which is every single deal closure counts as an achievement, so it is important to celebrate every effort of the sales team. Company’s each and every approach will keep the team spirits high and motivate the members to work harder.

Every accomplishment can be recorded to refer to in the later stage of the process. The required sales momentum should be kept going to march towards better business results by tracking every win.

9. Supporting Remote Work:

As long as the sales team achieve their target numbers it should not be a concern for them, but it has been seen that if the required flexibility is provided to the employees, then they can outperform with amazing results.

Organizations should focus on encouraging people to work in the right environment, whether it is from home or on a trip. This will motivate the employees as they will have the feeling that the organization values them, and is willing to provide them with the required facilities to improve productivity.

10. Occasional Leading Team Events:

Always the rewards need not have to be monetary. It can be occasional team events with the members where one can find creative ways to recognize and reward the high-performing team member.

Having little fun will make the environment light and refreshes the members to work harder. The process to keep the sales team engaged needs a focused and planned approach as the members have a tough task of sales conversion.


The sales team needs continuous motivation for having an optimistic outlook about the forthcoming closures. The better the coordination of the sales team with the development team, customer service team, operations team, marketing team the better will be their performance as they will be engaged with the complete process of the organization. It will give them a broader outlook to understand the shortcomings and work towards improvising the process.

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