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Revenue Oriented Content Promotion Strategy

How To Execute Revenue-Oriented Content Promotion Strategy

So, you have written great content and also promoted online but not getting the adequate and right traffic…… This will be counted as a failure on the part of the content promotion strategy.

An effective content promotion strategy should follow the quality content planning process with a vision to be visible and hit the right chord with the reader thus generating high revenue and ROI. It should be promoted on an effective platform at a specific period for grabbing maximum eyeballs and increasing brand awareness and its credibility. The crux of the matter is not to create a huge content just to be pushed in some corner of the search results but to develop the result-oriented content visible to an extensive audience. As a marketer, you have to control the direction of the content marketing process for achieving specific goals.

You should immediately ditch the old content promotion strategy if it is not working and integrate the new one in the process. Businesses worldwide prepare the strategy for generating high revenues, and as per research, 81% of the companies agreed they were able to generate revenue by content directly.

The report results have indeed raised the expectations from a content marketing team. Brands have started developing the content which can open the hearts and minds of their readers, who might be their future customers.

The paradigm shift of developing content which can bring revenues for the organization is highly prevalent among the small businesses. Marketers have the perspective that good content with proper keywords stuffing can pull the right audience to their websites. As a result, we are seeing a huge wave of content development combining different forms of content writing with the best searchable keywords. The organic traffic from Google might become your relevant leads and later on customers bringing good profits.

There Are Many Channels For Exposing The Content After Its Creation:

1) Owned media
2) Paid media
3) Earned media

Owned media provides the first exposure to your content after that content is promoted and shared on other social media channels called earned media. Although you get exposure on the social media platform, only a small percentage of them can see your advertisements. You have to pay for that to get a good exposure. This is called as paid media.


When the reader starts showing interest in your brand, it’s better to share your latest content through email. So collect emails of the website visitors by offering them some of your best offers and options. An attractive and informative newsletter helps in promoting the brand in your style.


Social Media Scheduling

The content can be shared among the existing audience on social media. There are many social media management suites through which you can schedule your posts across different platforms. One of them being Buffer. The ideal posting time can also be found through the app’s analytics. There are a large number of followers on social media, but the content is not able to reach all of them. Here you need to recycle your updates and retweet the top ones so that you can generate 90% more clicks.


Reddit is a social bookmarking site and is one of the most intelligent communities. The most effective strategy here is while promoting the content one has to start conversations and add value to the communities. Reddit can fetch you much page views and even a high-authority backlink.

Personalized Email Outreach

While writing the article, it is advisable to involve an expert’s opinion in the content of the article. You can ask them for their expertise, quotes, personal data which will increase the quality of the article. A high-quality article attracts influencers who later on share that with their followers.

It’s better to focus on adding value to the audience. If you cannot directly contact the influencer, then add some insightful quotes or comments in the article which will draw their much-required attention.

Guest Post

Guest Post has become popular among the marketers, as with the help of this, the content is able to get huge exposure on the high domain authority sites. The link points backs to the main site which indirectly increases the traffic to your site. In such a scenario your high-quality content can be created as a magnetic content for attracting good leads.

Weekly Roundups

There is a weekly roundup of the best articles in many of the industries. Some links can increase the visibility of the content. In the future, these backlinks are bound to improve the domain authority thus increasing the chances of organic traffic. Compile the best articles and store it to be used in the future.

Promoting Content On Facebook

Paid channels have increasingly become important as it pulls much of the traffic which are also relevant for your business. Advertisements on social media act in the best way for promoting the content. Facebook has become an important channel for the majority of businesses.

Hiring A Consultant

If there is a shortage of time, then you can hire the consultant for targeting your audience. They can work strategically with your content marketing team to develop the best content. This strategy can amplify your content reach. There are many examples where marketers have been able to target the right audience with the consultant’s rich experience and exposure. Make your content as one of the actionable content relevant to the audience.

Repurposing The Content

This strategy helps in promoting the existing content to an extensive audience sometimes with a little bit of modification in the content. It is considered that you should not disturb the old content and the new one should be projected in a better way to a much wider audience. Quora, LinkedIn, and Medium are some of the efficient platforms for this content promotion strategy.

Summing Up:

Content promotion strategy has to be planned accordingly, to serve its purpose of promoting the brand and attracting new leads for the organization. One needs to be experimenting and try all strategies and media channels to promote their content. With the availability of much of the content on the internet, it has become mandatory to strategize your content in the best possible way and promote on different platforms for getting maximum exposure.

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