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Survey Invitation Emails: Best Practices & Templates

Emails could never be wrong. It’s what marketers think.

They have been enjoying the benefits of email marketing for a long. Through this, they could nurture their customers, reach out to new ones, build the best relationship with their customers and much more. And if that is not enough, they are using it to know the customer experience, via the survey emails.

It is helping to know likes, dislikes, and suggestions of customers, which helps improvise the overall features of the product.

You would be surprised to know email is the number one activity to be executed on the internet.

Almost 94% of the people who go online, is to check their email.

This is an astounding number; email marketers should look into this number and plan how to leverage this medium to reap the maximum benefits. As a matter of fact, almost 59% of the marketers have stated that email has been the highest source of ROI.

While survey invitation email couldn’t be your direct revenue source but it could actually be a form to increase the revenue indirectly.

Now before you shoot out emails to the customers, understand you need to also send email at the right time. If you don’t do it, then there are high chances that your email survey would be ignored. Most of the customers don’t have the time to fill the surveys during working hours. You should keep a tab on this, and get to the right path on finding the best time to send emails to these customers.

Some of the best survey invitation emails are:

Making It Simple And Creative:


Image Courtesy: Stripo

Keep the survey short with 3 to maximum 4 questions. You should include only those questions that you think are important enough to analyse for your future product. Here as you see the question “How likely are you to recommend insurify to a friend?” could help understand whether they really liked the service. Whenever a customer is completely satisfied with the product, they are most likely to refer it to their friends and families. It’s imbibed in human nature.

The NPS or the Net Promoter Score is one such technique, where the metrics are used to understand the customer experience. You can send the survey in emails that evoke the right emotion among the recipients and reply accordingly.

Putting A Smart Survey:

A smart survey could make all the difference!!!

Just as you know, marketers shoot out a good number of emails to the customers. But if it is not smart enough, they couldn’t fetch good results.

Macys survey invitation
Image Courtesy: Mail Bakery

Here in this email, one can see the marketer has mentioned “tell us everything.” Then below that it congratulated the recipient. It went further by stating that there would be more discussion about the products and services, but before that it’s better for the recipient to register.

Now when you talk about the gifts, discounts, most of the customers get interested. They would give it a second look and follow the instructions to know more about the offers.

Unconventional Form Of Taking The Survey:


Image Courtesy: BeeFree

How many marketers do ask their recipients this question?

“Are you happy with your job?”

InsideHook, the lifestyle recommendation platform, developed this survey with a unique content by asking off-beat questions to their recipients. It moved on further with questions such as did the job existed 30 years ago, does it define them, was it the dream job which they want, and many other questions.

These questions are relevant for their survey as they want to understand the way of living of their customers.

A Voucher After Taking The Survey:

Motivating the recipient with a voucher is a best practice. As we know, most of the recipients withdraw from filling the form if they are too busy. So, if you draw their attention by rewarding with a coupon after filling, they would surely do the same.

artifact uprising survey invitation
Image Courtesy: Mail Bakery

Here the brand did the same by boldly stating,” Take our survey and we’ll send you a $10 code good.” A nice bargain, right? Or you can say an indirect business deal.

A Micro-Survey Email:


Image Courtesy: BeeFree

These emails that are referred to as micro-survey emails try to hold the attention of the customer. Many customers don’t have the patience to answer more than two questions. This survey promotes the one-second survey question where they need to click only one of the five topics mentioned in the survey.

You just click the link and the work is done.

Personalizing The Survey Invitation Email:

Every customer likes it when they are referred by their name.

It also gives the vibes that the survey questions are personalized for them, thus making a good connection.

yplan survey invitation
Image Courtesy: MailBakery

The email here addresses the recipient by name, “Pamela” moving on further by asking the question, ”We’re eager to know what you think about YPlan.” The way of asking the question is just like asking for suggestions. This makes the customer feel important.

All these are subtle practices to draw their attention and lead them to complete the survey.

As a marketer, you should know the art of pulling the customer, not the other way around, where you push your product to the customer. The aforementioned practice is more helpful than the later one.

The Subject Lines In The Email Survey:

This is one of the crucial parts that one shouldn’t miss out. The subject lines add the look and flavor to the email content. Just as one is attracted to the nicely presented dish, when the email subject line is developed with the same mindset, then you can attract the recipients and motivate them to open the email.

Some of the best subject lines:

  • We’d love to hear from you
  • Please take our short survey
  • The survey for your help
  • Win prizes with this survey

A Reminder:

survey email invitation
Image Courtesy: Stripo

Reminding the recipient is another tactic to get you going.

It is observed most of the recipients don’t fill the survey even if you have designed the best of the emails. So, should you drop the plan of taking the survey from them?

Not really!!!

You can send the reminder email just as here, where the marketer is reminding the recipient to fill the form.

In this email, the marketer has even mentioned a 20% discount on their service. Giving the customer something in return is one of the established tactics and gives you the results that you wished for. Every marketer should try their hands on this.

Change The DNA Of Survey Emails:

Do you know, just by sending emails with the right content would not work every time? You have to sometimes change the DNA of the email. As per a research, just by placing the link in the survey above the email could improve the response rate. The one thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t stray away from the right set of questions. A well-prepared questionnaire could hold the interest of the recipient, and give you the desired results.

Asking Straightforward Questions:

When you are taking the survey, make a point to ask simple and straightforward questions. Complex ones can make the customer think a lot, which they don’t really want to do in a survey.

withings survey email
Image Courtesy: Mail Bakery

Here you can see the email marketer has asked a straightforward question” Be honest what do you think of your new body?” which actually means asking them whether they are satisfied with their product.

It then follows a set of questions in the survey which is the continuation of the same question. The questions could be in different ways, to understand the likings of the customers. A better approach could set the right platform where marketers can understand their customers.

What Is The Motive For Sending The Email?

Every customer wants to know the purpose of sending an email. So, when you send an email to the recipient its better to explain the purpose of the survey in the email.

great intro survey request
Image Courtesy: Stripo

Just as this email, Neil Patel has sent the email to the recipients with the survey. He has clearly stated the purpose of sending the email. In this, he has explained that normally he doesn’t shoot out the emails. But he is doing so to have the answers for the survey. This would help him analyze for further actions.

How Long The Survey Would Take:

It is better to inform the customers, how long the survey would take. When you inform beforehand this to the customer, they would be convinced to fill the form.

survey emails
Image Courtesy: Stripo

In this example, you can see the marketer has mentioned the 6-minute survey.


Survey invitation emails help you explore more about the customer. You get to know what goes on inside the mind of your customer, helping to modify the service as per the popular requirements.

Many customers are not vocal about their dislikes and quietly switch over to your competitor’s product. In such a scenario, the surveys help capture the preferences of the customer. The collection of email templates in this blog is a perfect guide. You can plan the best strategy for sending the survey invitation emails to the recipients and generate the desired results.

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