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Ecommerce Email Marketing

Proven Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Companies

As we know, there are many marketing strategies in the business world, but marketers still consider email marketing as the apple of their eye. Whenever any strategy doesn’t work, they always have email marketing to fall back upon.

The channel is an efficient and affordable one for all the businesses across the world. Ecommerce companies are the ones who have hugely benefitted from this strategy. They can shoot out the email with the advertised products, and with the best quotes, visuals to get a decent number of sales.

All said, with all these benefits, some companies couldn’t master the art of selling on this platform. They falter in their marketing approaches. So, it becomes necessary to apply the right tactic.

Some of the interesting statistics of ecommerce email marketing:

Bronto email stats

Image Courtesy: ScreenPages

The statistics are a clear representation of how email marketing is faring in the ecommerce business. The welcome message converts at 5x the rate of the average marketing messages. Almost 50% of the remailing to the previously uninterested shoppers results in a 50% increase in revenue. Using a coupon drive the online business with an almost more than $200k in the initial months only.

It shows that the ecommerce industry has great potential and they need to keep themselves updated with the changing practices.

As stated by Linda Bustos, former ecommerce expert from Get Elastic:

“Ecommerce leaders will have to keep up with these changes and others to survive and stay ahead.”

This means marketing leaders need to check whether the campaign in the organization is on the right track with the accurate tactics.

Some of the best email marketing tips for the ecommerce companies are:

Sending A Welcome Email:

Whenever a customer signs-up for the service they get the welcome email. It is a right strategy to connect with them at that moment as they get the vibes that the brand values them. In these welcome emails, you can project the service the best way and set the future expectations. For example, like what they could expect in the upcoming emails from the brand, your goals and others.

Lush welcome email

Image Courtesy: SmartrMail

Lush, the cosmetic retailer having headquarters in Dorset, UK sent this welcome email to their customers. In this email, you can see there are a lot of interesting products, which actually is a tactic by the brand. It stated the catchy line as “check out these popular picks if you’re wondering what to try first.” Lush aimed to grab maximum eyeballs in the welcome email itself, and motivate its customers to purchase one of them. It tries to hold the customer’s attention and make them think that they made the right choice of selecting the brand.

Shop now

Image Courtesy: SleekNote

This is another example of a welcome email, where the brand Helm Boots tries to reassure its subscribers. The lines” try them on, risk free” is a trigger to attract the customers.

Upselling And Cross-Selling:

These terms are very common in the ecommerce business. Upselling which means selling the higher quality of the same product at a higher price, aims to increase, the revenue of the organization. While cross-selling means any product that acts as a complementary with the purchased product.

DSC emailImage Courtesy: Litmus

This an upsell email send by the Dollar Shave Club. In this email, the brand is promoting its upcoming orders. “Toss more in,” is the line that subtly pushes the customer to grab more sophisticated products and add to their cart. It actually convinces the customer that their product is the best in the market and that they should look no further.

Ralph laurenImage Courtesy: SmartrMail

Here you can see the best way of cross-selling the products. The brand realized that the shopper is a male customer so started showcasing all the male products. The purchased item was a pullover and they offered other products such as boxers and socks. While it was nowhere complementing each other, but still as it was a male product there were chances of being sold out.

Offering Discounts And Coupons To Customers:

When you offer discounts to customers, they prefer using your product, and rarely look for other product in the market.

Blue apron discount email

Image Courtesy: SleekNote

Blue Apron, the company that offers food delivery service, gives attractive discounts to customers. Just as here you can see they mentioned $60 off in their healthy food service and tried to push the customer with the right tagline, “its our final menu featuring recipes approved by Whole30, a champion of wholesome food.”

Having The Right Subject Line:

Subject lines have the power to make the email campaign successful. The best subject lines can just make the recipient to click open the email and read further. So, besides making the body content powerful and catchy, every marketer should develop a kickstart subject line to attract the prospect!!!

Some of the powerful subject lines in an ecommerce campaign are:
• An exciting offer only for you
• Don’t miss it at any cost
• You would be surely surprised to see this
• Be at the cloud nine with these offers
• How could you afford to miss it?

These subject lines compel the reader to think that, something interesting is out there in the email!!!

Optimized Emails:

Emails, that are perfect in all aspects could drive your campaign in the right direction.

As an ecommerce organization where you would be sending regular emails to customers, it becomes necessary to check that your emails are optimized enough to generate revenue.

So, on what parameters do you check that emails are optimized?

They are visually appealing. eCommerce products need to look good as many times the decision to purchase the product depends on one look. The more it looks pleasing, the more the customer would be drawn towards the brand.

One should easily find the Call-To-Action button. Don’t provide too much information in the email that the recipient finds it confusing what step he has to take next. Develop a single but clear, concise CTA instead of four to five clumsy CTAs. The most important feature that has to be there is the user-friendliness on mobiles. The current set of customers scroll on their mobiles to find their favorite products on ecommerce sites. And if they couldn’t see it properly, it obviously would make them irritated. As a seller, meeting your customer needs should matter to you.

So, develop a well-designed and aligned email for the customers to check the products easily on mobiles.


Ecommerce emails have always been interesting. Marketers include the latest visuals of their products and services to make them attractive. Besides that, they should understand the minds of their customers, and send emails that connect with them. When you don’t hit the right chord with the customer, they would be far away from the marketing funnel, thus a failure.

Every attractive product can’t hook the customer, as being attractive and not meeting their needs means the customers would move on to another email. In this blog, we have some of the useful tips that you can include in your strategy to make your campaign successful by increasing the sales.

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