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Best Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

6 Best Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Despite being decades old, emails are known to be the most prolific form of communication across the world. It remains as a highly effective strategy and the core component in taking your business success to a new level.

Today, Email marketing tools have been the most important construction tools contributing to the major growth of the marketing industry. Marketing tools have a great potential and are one of the easiest ways to boost tactics. Without them, everything is done manually and does take lot of time and ultimately descends into chaos.

Email marketing tools make marketers life simple by offering numerous advantages over manually working with a marketing campaign. They give marketers the ability to send thousands of email in a few clicks besides offering some of the special features like email scheduling, segmentation, personalisation, email automation and many more.

So here we have listed 6 of the best email marketing tools that we consider to be the best in the email marketing industry around.

1. MailChimp:

Mailchimp is known as the powerful and innovative marketing service company that offer features that would best fit for most businesses. It is popular and offers generous plans for small and developing enterprises. Known for their low cost plans they offer business enchanting features and strong technology tools that are ideal for start-ups. It comes with dozens of marketing features and also provides help like forever-free listings under five hundred subscribers.

Recognizing your customer persona and your target audience helps you gather better information during MailChimp offers features that are powerful enough for fortune 500 companies. Some of the important ones are Automation, A/B testing, e-commerce features, advanced analytics, triggered emails, segmentation and more.

2. GetResponse:

GetResponse is an easy to use email marketing software that offers many advanced that users can try for free. It is a platform that enables users to create valuable list of prospects, clients and partners to help develop a responsive and profitable customer base. It has its business in over 180+ countries with over 1 Billion subscribers every month. The email intelligence feature that the software offers enables users to maximize the impace of their campaign helping you to track, gauge and analyse easily.

Here are some of the features that GetResponse offers to its users. Responsive email design, analytics, autoresponders, email creators, forms, landing pages, inbox preview, webinars, list boosters, A/B testing and email intelligence.

3. Constant Contact:

Constant contact were pioneers of the social marketing concept when they started in 1998. Today they have almost 20 years of experience and serving more than 650, 000 customers world-wide. It is geared mostly for small to mid-sized businesses and is excellent for graphical or HTML emails. With a staunch reputation in the marketing industry, Constant contact offers an array of features such as contact management, list building tools, social media integration and sharing, automation, open & click tracking, apps and integration, image library, deliverability and many more.

4. InfusionSoft:

Research is crucial, it is the foundation of the robust content marketing strategy. It is one thing that makes all the difference in the world for your brand. Your readers do not want to consume content that was created out of speculation, what they need is the right content, opinions, and facts as a backup for your point.

Infusionsoft has been ultimate and robust email marketing planner for small business. It is best known for its effectiveness to streamline marketing by combining CRM, sales – online and offline store, marketing software onto one platform. It is a web-based software solution tool allows users to centralize customer interactions and daily activities in one place.

This service lets users to design physical postcards too. It offers wide array of features like e-commerce, CRM, marketing automation, web-forms, payment processing, referral program management, drag and drop to craft and publish a landing page, lead scoring and distribution, multimedia marketing and many more.

5.Campaign Monitor:

Monitor is a powerful marketing tool used by over 2 million people at 200,000 businesses across the world. It provides tools to track the success of your marketing campaign. This software offers everything a marketer needs to run an effective and professional looking campaign to grow the business. Campaign Monitor grants its users access to in-depth analytical tools with the ability to test, optimise and automate your campaign while allowing you to easily improve your strategies.

Some of its major features include, template designer, content customization, mobile-ready templates, social sharing, segmentation, personalization and many.

6. Reach Mail:

Reachmail is a web-based email marketing tool which offers forever free plan and numerous low-cost plans. It is designed to be affordable and best suited for small and medium business. It is known to be good alternative for google docs and other online survey builders. It offers generous storage space as a part of free accounts and also for content & assets.

It delivers some of the robust features like custom email template, great deliverability, survey builder, list segmentation, list cleaning, detailed reporting, spam checker, white label reselling and many more.


There are definitely more email marketing providers and services out there than those listed above and plenty to choose from. They all have their own benefits, features and drawbacks depending on your specific needs. They are built to help you with aspects of your overall marketing strategy. Having said that, the power lies in your hands to decide the best email marketing tool that is suitable for your business. What works for you may not work for others.

Knowing what you intend to do with your email list answers the question that comes along. List size, broadcast frequency, level of involvement that you would like to make are some of the key components that come by while you want to choose the best. Once you are clear and have your answers, you can dig in, do your homework and choose the best email marketing provider for your business.

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