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Sending Confirmation Emails After Form Submission

You have to immediately send the confirmation emails to your subscriber after the form submission. The popular phrase “customers are king,” finds its way here.

As the market becomes competitive, every organization have to keep a close watch of never losing an opportunity for getting connected with their customer. Many times due to technical issues, even organizations do not receive the form, and customers are also left in the dark. It might lead to unwanted circumstances, and sometimes even losing the customer.

Building a strong relationship with the customer, is what many organizations aspire to have.

In any business, whether it is B2B or B2C, you have to be always on your toes to connect with the customer. As a marketer, you would have been used to send different emails to the website visitor, and the confirmation email is one such bridge which connects with your website visitor. It shows that as an organization, you value your every customer, and are willing to go the extra mile for reaching out to them.

Some of the primary steps, which has to be followed after the form submission:

Creating A WordPress Form:

Without proper installation and activation of the WordPress plugin, you cannot proceed to the next step. With the complete activation, the WordPress forms are created. Similarly there are other platforms like Joomla and Magento, where you can create a submission form.

Setting Up The Confirmation Email:

When you set up the confirmation email, it becomes easy for delivering to the recipient. It streamlines the process and helps in sending customers a proper message in the email. In this, if somebody does not want the notifications, then they can turn it off.

Check out the below image for better understanding:

email notification icon

Image Courtesy: Formidable Forms

Need To Send To Email Address:

This is the section where you have the address of the person to whom you want to send email. It makes the process streamlined and easier. There are different platforms which you can use such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress etc.

In the WordPress settings, you have the forms, which will send the confirmation emails to the admin email.

Subject Line:

For example, the email subject line is “Reach us,” so after the email confirmation, it will mention “reach us.”

From Name:

This will include the name of the customer, who filled the form. The step is necessary as without, there will be confusion who is the sender.

From Email:

As a user you should be aware of from where the information is coming. It is necessary as a recipient. The from email helps in this step.


The site’s admin email should be included so that the recipient can reply back.


The complete information is included in the email. It helps in a better connection as the recipient can connect with you.

For example, a customer submits the form asking for relevant information, then you can message them with “you will get back with the relevant one.” When a customer downloads any content like a whitepaper, case study, etc. there also you can send the message by thanking the customer for downloading their content. Check out this example:

Image Courtesy: manage inbound

Same is the case with e-commerce site, after the customer makes the payment and you get the message of the successful transaction; you can reply back thanking the customer for purchasing your valuable product. Check out this example:

solestruck confirmation email

Image Courtesy: XCART


Confirmation emails have become a crucial part of the email marketing process. It can be said as the first step in connecting with the customer. When you maintain the right relationship with the customer, then customers also start valuing your organization. It is the stepping stone to go for a long-term relationship in the future.

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