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how content can be made viral

How Content Can Be Made Viral

As the attention span of the audience diminishes at a rapid rate, marketers should find different ways to reach out to their target customers. It has already been acknowledged, that content marketing helps to drive the best revenue for any organization, than any other form of marketing.

Then why is it that some of the content marketing strategies work, while others not?

This is because the marketing strategies used by each of the marketers differ from the other.

As a marketer, you should craft the strategy by reading the minds of your customers.

How many of us just stop a minute to look at some interesting content or video?

Almost all of us!!!

Same goes for your targeted customer. Until and unless you mesmerize your prospect with some interesting visuals, they are not going to give it a second look. This is where viral content comes into picture.

Viral Content Simplified:

A content that pushes the audience to view it again and again, and further sharing it with other users in a big way is called VIRAL CONTENT. A viral content can help you to reach a wider audience, as there will be increased likes and shares of the content among many users. The sharing of the content here does not depend that it is a well-developed and high-quality content, it depends on the user who found it vital and worthwhile to be shared among other users.

So, why do you need to develop viral content?

Viral content sometimes is necessary if you want to promote your brand to a broader audience in a short span of time.

Marketing is a long-term process, where marketers have to invest ample time in the promotion of their product or service. They need to build trust among the potential customers, so that they further purchase their product.

Viral Content Cuts It Short:

The whole time-consuming process for being exposed to a larger audience is simplified, and the customers are made aware of your service in one shot. If you are a small business owner, or if you want to expose your product to the broader audience, then viral content is the best option to steer your marketing process in the right direction.

Is there any strategy for making the content go viral?

Bring the elements:

  • Surprise
  • A little shock
  • Out-of-the-box idea
  • A funny content
  • Provoking thought
  • Intriguing video
  • Motivational message resonating with the audience
  • Short informative content

It has been seen that many times controversial content also goes viral. As controversies evoke the curiosity, people like to share it among their friends, colleagues to know their opinion, or just to make them aware of the burning subject. As a marketer, you have to see that the aesthetics of the content is not disturbed while trying to develop unique viral content.

A high-quality and resonating content can even help you to reach the global audience, sometimes to a broader audience, which you never imagined.

Check out some of the best examples of viral content:

Watch the below viral content video of Game Of Social Thrones by HootSuite.

The below image is a thought-provoking content, of how badly plastic is polluting the ocean and earth’s environment.

Nat Geo
Image Courtesy: UpViral
Many of them do not know, but infographics can also be used to make the content go viral. As it conveys the information in short and appealing images, infographics are appreciated by much of the B2B audience.

Here, you can see from all the above examples, the content which went viral, most of it were short, informative, and evoking the customer to take the right action.

Creating a compelling headline is also one of the ways to make your content go viral.

When you are able to catch the attention of the audience, and force them to see it repeatedly then it can be said that you have been successful in creating a well-crafted viral content.

Making It Much Visual:

It has already been proved time and again, that the majority of the world’s population likes to see visual content. As a marketer, if you want to make your content go viral, make it highly visual with attractive images and other visual content. The users will not be able to ignore this content.


In today’s competitive world, it has been tough for marketers to get the attention of their targeted customers. Viral content fills this space by grabbing the attention and conveying the message to these customers, in the right ways. The way a marketer conveys the message is the turning point to make the content viral and hit the right chord with more number of customers.

The best viral content is said to be tricky with innovative ideas. If the content stands out from the crowd, then only people can notice it, thus making it the center of attraction.

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