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International Women’s Day Email Templates

Women’s Day celebrated on 8th March, has been receiving much attention since a few years. The day is celebrated with huge fanfare, reminding that a woman should be treated equally as a man for a healthy and sustainable society.

As a marketer, you have to come up with innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to connect with your women prospects on this day. An attractive, inspiring, enticing women’s day email template can make your work easier. It helps to create the right connection with the prospects, leading to future sales.

The day is celebrated to spread awareness about gender equality, so the templates should be created aligned with the message. Make your marketing campaign subtle and effective at the same time without sounding too pushy for selling the product. Any email campaign which has much sales pitch in it can ward off the prospect, as it will display that you do not care about the day and are only interested in reaching your target.

Find out some of the best email templates on this Women’s Day to make your campaign successful:

Template To Treat Her Like A Queen:

Most of the women have a secret desire to be treated like she is the princess of the world. In a world where the majority of the population has a patriarchal mindset, she rarely has this luck. As a marketer, you have to grab the opportunity for crafting the email template that brings a smile on her face and make her feel worthwhile.

The below email template shows how you can do it:


Image Courtesy: Business2Community

As a woman likes to be special, make her feel like a queen, in the process, she will be attracted to your brand. In the above example, the tagline says, “Come and celebrate the extraordinary women in yourself.” The word “EXTRAORDINARY” acts like a magnet, enough to grab the attention of your targeted women prospect, and compelling them to make the purchase.

If you are giving some inspirational messages in the email template, curate it in a way that you are honoring the women all over the world. Make the message inspiring, and innovative in displaying their achievements. The more you make it realistic and resonating, your target customers will feel connected and motivated to purchase your product.

Inspiring Message To Support Other Women:



Image Courtesy: eSputnik

It has been widely discussed that the male population does not support the female population, as they have a subconscious feeling that their supremacy will be challenged.

But, have you ever heard that women do not support other women?

Yes, this is a reality. There has been a complete article published on this subject in Forbes.

As a woman, you have to understand another woman, because like you, she has her share of struggles.

The above email template is an eye-opener and inspiring for every woman to support their gender. In the same email template, you can promote your product in the way you like.

Some Strong And Bold Lines:


Image Courtesy: Mail Designer 365

The above image is quite inspiring, supporting women stating, “We see you, we hear you, and we are you.”

It implies that you understand your female customers, and are willing to go the extra mile to make the movement successful.

Following A SuperWoman Email Template:



Image Courtesy: @ Chamaileon

Every person has a hero in their life whom they admire and want to be like them. In the above email template, all of them explain who is their superhero and the reasons for the same. Here the hero for these women is mostly someone whom they know and can relate to. They have seen the struggles of their hero and how they overcame it, rebounding with much positivity.

BB Dakota, the women’s clothing brand, developed this email template to inspire women who are struggling to find the solution for their challenges.


A strong woman is somebody who can stand for herself and, if needed, for everyone else. This International Women’s Day, craft the right email template where the content spins around the achievements of women in different fields across the world. Women are the versatile population of the world and, as stated in one of the famous quotes by Eleanor Roosvelt, “She is like a tea-bag, nobody can tell her strength until she is put in hot water.”

So, celebrate her diversity, simplicity, and humility pleasingly by developing some of the best International Women’s Day email templates.

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