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How do you improve email productivity

How Do You Improve Email Productivity?

So, you have sent a good number of emails to customers and expecting a good return.

But acknowledge you can’t expect the same results every time. It’s always a trial-and-error process. You start learning from your mistake and further avoid in the next process.

An optimistic attitude would keep you on your toes; you need to upgrade your campaign with latest tactics to improve email productivity very often.

What is email productivity?

It includes open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate and many more. But do you know it also means how much time you’re investing on that and further getting how much in return?

Yes, the time spend also counts, what’s the point of investing one week on a single email campaign to get revenue of just $30? With intelligent tactics, you can just finish off that work in fewer days and earn more revenue.

Below we would discuss real-time solutions that have saved time of many marketers. Some of these techniques might have been already integrated into organizations, and we would discuss how you could further enhance them to improve overall productivity, including time.

Find the best picked tips:

When Less Is More In Subject Line (Aligning With Industry Temperament):

You might have heard quality is always better than quantity. And it’s true!!!

So, when you’re crafting subject lines, make a point to add fewer but powerful words. It should make customer feel that they are on the way to read something great.

When less is more in subject line

Image Courtesy: Impactplus

Here you can see, a catchy subject line” become a content master.” It shows that brands know what would make reader stop and start reading the content. Recipients won’t overlook that strong statement as people love being master of any subject, be it of master of webinar content.

So, why spend time on creating long subject lines? You can just develop the short one that instantly clicks with the audience. This could be possible if you know the needs of your customer in and out.

One more thing to understand is the temperament of B2B customers in each industry is different. The customer in finance industry might have a different temperament than the one in IT industry. So, subject lines should align with that. For example, finance professionals would like to read subject lines with numbers, while tech-savvy IT professionals would like to read subject lines with technical words.

Understanding these industry nuances could save a hell lot of time!!!!

Don’t Multi-Task To Avoid Burning Out:

Multi-tasking is considered good, but is it?

Multi-tasking makes you 40% less productive.

As an email marketer, you might be motivated to multi-task so that you can send a good number of emails to customers. But sometimes, this could overburden you and making you prone to silly errors. It could further lead to a scenario where customers lose trust in your brand.

For example, in the beginning line you make grammatical mistake that looks like a small error, but the reader might think you aren’t serious enough to pay attention to these details.

Monitoring these minute things, shows much you value quality be it your emails or service.

For better results, you can also delegate the tasks. Like in a team, one member could look into creating a subject line, the other person could look at what images could be added and so on. It reduces the chances of error and further, you can also save your time that otherwise you would have invested in modifying it.

The Great Technology Game:

Automation is the future of world. You can’t shy away from it. Most organizations have already implemented automation to churn out more leads.

And if you have not done so, the time is ripe for integrating email marketing automation.

Some might ask, how does it increase productivity?

Well, automation eliminates human error, by automating the routine tasks. This leads to right execution of process.

Sending bulk emails isn’t rocket science but still some commit mistakes.

And why is it so?

Marketers act fast while sending huge number of emails and at that time they might miss out on including crucial information- the stress caused due to act fast in a limited time.

Email marketing automation doesn’t feel stress just like humans; it executes these tasks easily where it just follows specific steps. They need to just act, act, act without thinking!!!!

And this is what marketers want….

Check this pictorial representation of email marketing automation in welcome emails:

The Great Technology GameImage Courtesy: Cloudfront

All these steps are automated thus saving time.

Using A/B Testing Wisely:

It’s true; email marketers are tempted to check every time via A/B testing.

It is ok, albeit time-taking.

Don’t you think one can choose a few numbers of emails to test?

Yes, you can do that, test only those emails that have a higher probability of performing well,

instead of wasting time on emails you have a gut feeling of not performing well.

This process could significantly help you focus on other email marketing efforts. While executing A/B testing, make a point to tweak to elements that look not that crucial but actually are!!!

For instance, subject line is one element, the other is CTA.

CTAs or the call to action can significantly push the performance on an upward spiral. But just as while developing right subject line, you need to understand your customer, here also you need to understand their mindset. When you design right CTA, it saves your time.

Using A/B testing wisely

Image Courtesy: Hubspot

You can just see CTA in this example. While this is designed for home page, you can design a similar Call-To-Action for your email campaign. The message is very clear and professional.

Personalization To Save Your Time:

You know personalization helps in better connection with audience but do you know it also saves your time.

How it saves time?

You might put effort and invest time in thinking what email content would work. While, the answer for that is personalization.

For this, you just need customers’ information, and accordingly craft emails.

You don’t need to think further and invest time analyzing the content type.


Email productivity is what matters in an email campaign. Nobody will say that they don’t care about performance. After toiling hard, it’s obvious marketers would have that curiosity.

And productivity could only be improvised through basic but crucial tactics. This blog explores those great ones, which you can also implement in your process to save time.

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