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The Best Time to Send your Email Campaign

Find The Best Time To Shoot Your B2B Email Campaigns

What is the best time to send your B2B email campaign?

It’s a tough question; marketers are still struggling to find the right answer.

But if we put forth some observations, it would come such as:

It isn’t that challenging to get this service but you need to find the best provider. For that you need on this checklist:
• It depends on the country in a specific time zone
• It depends on the industry
• It depends on the days of a week
• It depends on the working culture of targeted organization
• It depends on whom you are sending, whether C-level executives or senior manager of an organization
•It depends on whether it is at the beginning of Q1, end of Q1, Starting of Q2…..
• It depends on content type you are sending

Now, how does it matter whether it is the beginning of Q1, or end of Q2?

We should understand B2B organizations work on a tight schedule, they have quarterly targets to achieve, and if they don’t achieve their target in one quarter, they strive to achieve it in next. In such cases, senior executives would have a lot of board meetings to plan the next step.

As a B2B marketer, you have to really work hard to squeeze through this crazy rush and get their attention via email marketing. Of course, you’d send well-developed email pieces, but if they are stuck in their hectic schedule, how will they open these emails?

Remember, they are the senior executives; you can’t pester them with a huge number of emails. So, you just need to send an email at the best time that instantly gets their attention and further pave the path for positive communication. If possible, find out happenings in the organizations: performance, what are their senior executives up to and further how to outreach them. To start with, you should first have a conversation with the immediate person working under these decision-makers. You might have heard before, connecting with people other than decision-makers is a waste of time, but in this scenario, you have to do the same, for being well-prepared in handling discussion and as per the convenience of C-level executives.

Likewise, there are many other factors that you need to check to know the best time to send an email.

We know a smart marketer immediately changes the design and email content if a specific campaign doesn’t work, so it should be the same when a campaign doesn’t work at a specific time.

How do you execute the entire process?

The wise thing to do here is to collect all the data of your high-performing and low-performing email campaigns. List out all possible points that worked in favor of campaign.

Then, gradually start experimenting or the testing process. Execute testing every day at different timings.

Acknowledge, there are specific days that work best for an email campaign and some days that don’t. For example, in many observations, it is found that Monday isn’t the best day to send email to recipients as it is the opening day of the week, and most professionals are high likely to be burdened with pending work, reports that need to be sent to their co-workers and others.

Email opens by day of the week

Image Courtesy: Wordstream

In this statistical representation, even you can see, Monday has fewer email opens as compared to other days of the weekdays. It is the least on Sundays and Saturdays which one can understand due to weekend.

Now if you check the timings:

Email open rate by time of the day.jpgImage Courtesy: Seopressor

This means executives find it convenient to read emails early in the morning, afterwards they are held up by their busy schedules, meetings, discussions, daily work that clearly shows in the email open rate.

But do you think, this is same for all?

Not really, you need to find your best time. It might be that your unique product or service could attract the attention of B2B customers at time of day, that don’t do for others. It’s good to have knowledge about the best time of B2B customers, but never ever completely rely on that information as you could miss out on opportunities you never thought of.

So, how do you find which day, you can send a crucial and high number of emails to customers?

For this, you can make a chart as shown below:

Monday 6 A.M- 10 A.M 10:01 A.M- 2 P.M 2:01 P.M- 6 P.M 6:01 P.M- 10 P.M
Tuesday 6 A.M- 10 A.M 10:01 A.M- 2 P.M 2:01 P.M- 6 P.M 6:01 P.M- 10 P.M
Wednesday 6 A.M- 10 A.M 10:01 A.M- 2 P.M 2:01 P.M- 6 P.M 6:01 P.M- 10 P.M
Thursday 6 A.M- 10 A.M 10:01 A.M- 2 P.M 2:01 P.M- 6 P.M 6:01 P.M- 10 P.M
Friday 6 A.M- 10 A.M 10:01 A.M- 2 P.M 2:01 P.M- 6 P.M 6:01 P.M- 10 P.M

This is just a general view, of how you can execute trial and error method. If this works fine then you hit the jackpot, otherwise you can further subdivide time to check the exact time that works best for your organization. At this crucial point, you need to apply your wisdom combined with testing methods.

Now, What Are The Metrics To Check Performance Of Your Email At That Time?

The most crucial metrics to check the performance are:

Open Rate:

A high number of open rates means recipients got the chance to view your email in their loaded inbox, and liked the subject line, so they clicked on the email. It also means, the emails got the attention of recipient as it landed in inbox at the right time. For instance, if the email would have landed at the graveyard shift, then even if it had the best subject line, recipients would have overlooked it.

But sometimes if people are working in that shift, it might give good results. So, you need to check that factor as well.

Click-Through Rate:

This is the next metric to understand whether the time at which you send the email is giving good results or not. Many times, recipients would just open your email but won’t click on the links inside the email. Now how does it connect with the best time to send your email campaign?

It boils down to the answer that you should send emails at their convenient time to read in detail. While it just takes a matter of seconds to open the email, recipients need to invest considerable time in reading the content that they would be directed through the links. It also means now you have the chance to hold their attention and offering in-depth information about your product or service, finally leading to conversions.

If the subject line acts as a bait to increase open rate, then hyperlinks act as offering value to increase the click-through rate. But as known, excess of anything is bad, you shouldn’t include many hyperlinks as it could negate the performance.


As a marketer, everyone would have struggled to know the best time to send an email. And to be straightforward, we can’t immediately find out the best time to send an email. You need to execute trial and error, to check which time suits your industry and organization. And sometimes you could find insane results, but worthy enough to understand buzz word,” best time.”

This blog assists you in gaining insights and clarifies your doubts on understanding best time for your organization. With that, you can implement effective tricks in your campaign to reach out to customers at right time and have strategic communication.

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