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best discount email templates

Best Discount Email Templates

Why marketers offer discounts?

It’s an open secret- To acquire more customers and earn more revenue. But that’s not the only goal. Some marketers do it to pave the path for a good relationship with the customer. The right combination of content, CTA, images, and others do the trick in discount emails.

Find the below statistical representation:

Image Courtesy: Webflow

Here you can see, emails having special offers are the preferred emails on mobile devices more than 20%, while emails with coupons are the second most preferred email.

Customers receiving these emails are more likely to open and read them.

Do, all customers are motivated by discounts?

Customers just love discounts, whether it is a small or further a mini one!!!

But yes, certain customers don’t feel motivated by a small discount or gift. For them, you need to devise the right strategy.

Hook them by offering discounts on products that really matter to them. Don’t give high discounts as it could put unreal expectations on their minds. Gradually, you could set the right platform where both of you are on the same page. This could ease your effort as a marketer and put your brand at the forefront of the competition.

Whenever they would need any product, your brand would pop up in their minds. This brand recall could also help word-of-mouth publicity where they refer your product to co-workers, friends and others.

Some of the best discount email templates are:

Special Offer For You:

Image Courtesy: Getvero

In this email template, you can see the brand has mentioned “just waiting for you,” tagline. Although the brand would have sent these emails to innumerable customers, prospects feel that the organization values them when the brand includes these messages.

Hence proved, you need to treat your customer like a king.

A Discount Email Outsmarting The Competitor:

Customers always look for the best option, so it’s obvious they would also check your competitor’s products or services to see whether they are getting the best offer in the market.

So, here you need to send an accurately crafted and intelligent email to attract these customers. Find the below example:

Image Courtesy: Liveagent

You can see how the brand has quoted,” best price guarantee. If you find a lower price, we will match it.” This catchy statement would grab the eyeballs and push the customer to think harder. It could just get stuck in customers’ minds as no brand would confidently say this line if they can’t give the same.

Illuminating The Holiday Mood:

Now, most marketers include discounts, offers in their promotional emails during holidays. So, here you could also do the same.

Find the below example:

Image Courtesy: Getvero

You can check in this email; the brand curated the best design and content. The tagline also puts the right spotlight,” Give holiday cheer and get $10 back.”

This is something that could motivate customers as spreading happiness around and at the same time getting money in return, is a double bonanza for them. They would surely like to participate in the process and get satisfied at the end of the day.

Customer Benefit Discount Email:

In the cut-throat competition, every business looks to reach out to best customers. This leads to a completely confusing scenario where they shoot out thousands of emails to the recipients’ inboxes. Now, any recipient in this scenario would think the emails are just for the company’s benefit, not for theirs.

So, how could you change that perception?

Send discount emails that show the brand offer discounts specially to benefit the customer.

Image Courtesy: Chain Link Marketing

If you check this example, you understand that this email is a perfect giveaway. It gives the vibes that the brand cares for the customer. The message flow is on the right track, it starts off “free shipping free return.” This is a strong statement as sometimes companies don’t give the option to return products. It takes the potential customer in confidence. It then moves onto “Today’s fashion flash sale,”” Don’t have your Rx, we’ll take care of it.”

Any brand that shows the extra punch such as they are going to take care of it becomes hero in the eyes of customer. They feel the brand understands them and would offer the best product at the right price. Then the statement “Your 1st order within the next 24 hours!” does its job.

Very few could resist this offer….

The FOMO Discount Or Gift Email:

In most cases, the fear of missing out trick works. Customers don’t want to be left behind. They want to acquire the latest products and services. If you show them that they can acquire all these at a fair deal, they would immediately jump into buying it.

Image Courtesy: Spcdn

Here you can see the brand has a creative message to reach potential customers- “48 hours left, when it’s gone, it’s gone.” Most readers would rush to purchase the product.

You need to have the thought process, where your brand stays in the commanding position to attract the customers. The simple trick here is showcasing your product is in demand and there are a good number of customers vouching for your product or service. So, customers need to act fast!!!

Aligned Discount Email:

Many times, it is observed marketers develop the best discount emails, but they don’t match the needs of the potential customers. You need to see if the customer doesn’t have the immediate requirement and also in the near future for that product, they would never purchase it how attractive it could be.

So, what point you missed here?

You forgot to segment your customers. These prospects need discounts but not on the one that you are offering. So, don’t alienate your customer from your discount email, develop the ones that connect with the audience.

Image Courtesy: Campaign Monitor

This is a nice personalized discount email example where the brand offers 10% off for birthday.


What are discount emails?

These are the promotional emails that aim to acquire more customers in the shortest time and increase revenue.

Do all brands need to send discount emails?

Shoppers always look for the best option in the market. In such cases, if brands offer exclusive discounts, they could gain the attention of their audience. Small businesses could surely increase their customer base with this tactic.

How to leverage the discount emails?

You need to send emails during the holiday season, or when you want to outsmart your competitor. The discounts should be well-thought of.


Discount email templates could significantly help both customers and brands. In a competitive world, where organizations are rushing to acquire more customers, these emails could act as the right marketing tactic to attract customers. It could grab the right attention at the right time.

Integrate these email templates in your marketing campaign so that you could reach out to the maximum number of customers across the world, and increase the number of conversions.

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