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Is Unsubscribe Link Useful For Your Email Campaign?

Including unsubscribe links in an email campaign has become common. Gone are the days when marketers believed adding such links in email, won’t do any good. They feared it would jeopardize their strategy as an increasing number of customers would start unsubscribing!!!

But in the current times, marketers are aware that they can’t hold onto unresponsive customers for long. These customers would obviously opt out one fine day. So, it’s better to give them a choice in every email campaign- to unsubscribe.

A fewer interested customers > A larger uninterested customer base

It would significantly improve campaign results. Despite this fact, marketers are worried to keep the unsubscribe rate low.

According to industry standards, an unsubscribe rate below 0.5% is considered good.

To meet that standard, marketers shy away from putting these links at prominent place in an email, which isn’t good for brand.

Let’s understand in-depth, the entire discussion:

What is an unsubscribe link?

It is the link added in emails so that recipients can unsubscribe from brand’s email campaign service whenever they want. It is mostly placed at the footer of email so that customers can easily click on it and cancel subscription.

Almost all brands include this option in their emails for customers’ convenience. And if you aren’t aware of adding this option in your email, this blog would help you out. Plus, you can also implement some useful tactics to check what made them unsubscribe and whether you can convince them to stay back.

Gifting Links On Holidays:

Holidays are some of the best days to give gifts. So, if you want to win your customers’ trust, you need to send uniquely designed unsubscribe emails to your dormant customers and the best day could be on any holiday. One of the intelligent methods that you can follow is this example:

sidekick unsubscribe email

Image Courtesy: Mailjet

This email is a smart way of retaining the customer. The brand explained that it tried its best to keep the communication process going, but at some point, they found it isn’t working.

They now want to know whether the recipient is interested in receiving emails from them. If so, they can click on “wait keep me subscribed,” otherwise, they would be automatically unsubscribed. This, you can say, is a wake-up call for recipient. The brand didn’t directly include unsubscribe link here; instead, they mentioned they would unsubscribe them if they didn’t click on option.

The FOMO (fear of missing out) factor could play a crucial role here, subsequently making recipients choose the option to click on subscribe button.

Don’t you think it’s a clever move?

Highlighting The Link:

unsubscribe link art com min
Image Courtesy: Spcdn

Customers always want everything fast. If they want to opt out of any service, they also need it fast. In such cases, you need to include unsubscribe option at a prominent place in email. It should be highlighted with bright color to make it visible enough.

In this email example, you can see the brand placed unsubscribe option alongside contact us to easily notice. This would make the customer feel that the brand is a reliable one.

And before that, you can see the message, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. On top of message, it has all options to resolve customers’ challenges such as FAQs, customer service and others.

These all are bait to make the customer stay back.

How To Come To The Point:

When recipients’ inboxes are deluged with a huge number of emails from a brand they aren’t interested in, they would obviously cancel service.

In such a scenario, you should have a well-balanced approach in sending emails. Still, many of them would opt to unsubscribe. So, why make things hard for them?

owler unsubscribe
Image Courtesy: Spcdn

As you can see in this example, after the recipient unsubscribed, the brand just went for confirmation by asking question, “Did you hit unsubscribe by accident?”

It would then process the request. An easy process makes the customer happy.

Seeking Answers With Unsubscribe Link:

If you are curious to know why a recipient unsubscribed, you can place that question immediately after the recipient unsubscribes.

one click unsubscribe
Image Courtesy: Spcdn

In this email, you can see just as the customer cancels service, this questionnaire pops out where he needs to click on one option. This would let understand customers’ mindset and further improvise brand’s service.

Maintain Relationship Even After Unsubscribing:

Sounds delusional, right?

Well, it isn’t. Most marketers just don’t know how to be in touch with their customers after they bid goodbye. You should know that they unsubscribed as they didn’t need your service at that time but might need it in future. So, closing on a good note could be an advantage. Whenever they would need your services, they would come back to you.

And how do you execute the entire process?

too small unsubscribe
Image Courtesy: Business2Community

For this, never forget to add social media links in your email campaign, just as you can see in this example. This would let the customer be in touch with you on these platforms.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Unsubscribe Links?

  • It helps gain customers’ trust
  • Enhances credibility
  • It improves your brand value

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Including These Links?

Contrary to old perception, these links don’t have long-term disadvantages. Imagine sending email campaigns to recipients who would never open your email. Won’t it drag down your campaign performance?

The % of open rate, click-through rate would drastically reduce. It would disappoint you and also the customers who aren’t any way interested in it. So, why waste time?

Make the right approach in designing emails by keeping yourself in your customers’ shoes. You would instantly know where to place these unsubscribe links to catch customers’ attention.


Just master the art of adding these links in your email. Before letting the customer unsubscribe, you should subtly motivate them not to unsubscribe. This you can execute through clever tactics explained in this blog.

You can implement some of them to see how it yields results for your business.

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