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The Benefits Of A-B Testing B2B Email Campaigns

Word of caution to all email marketers – If you aren’t testing the freshly crafted marketing campaigns, then you are risking reputation down the line. The email marketers toil hard to get their campaigns noticed. However, it is best to focus on campaigns that get the audience to engage CTA the content such as clicking the link that carries them to landing pages on the brand website.

An inviting tone of communication is vital for email marketing to yield maximum results. A successful connection is built upon a clear cut understanding between the two sides of engaging parties.

The A/B testing is a practice to uncover the exact need of consumers rather than speculation. Let me tell you how you can leverage upon A/B testing

Define A/B Testing?

Putting in layman terms, A/B testing is a mere process of sending an email crafted in multiple versions where one variable remains dissimilar to one another. Te purpose of such implementation is to observe and choose the version that yields maximum engagement (opens and clicks).

Here are the elements within the email that could be actuated during the test:

  • Copy of the email
  • Subject line
  • CTA and its placement within the email
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Offers and Discounts

Rewiring these elements could trigger corresponding response, and it is often a measure of the stream of recipients who open, click, and complete the purchase.

What Not To Do In A/B Tests

A/B tests are meant to identify desirable qualities within an email by varying one property at a time. Simultaneously modifying many properties could make it harder to identify the contributor of email traffic.

Change one element each time and observe the results to determine the star feature of your email accurately.

Planning The Goals

Before testing your marketing emails, it is necessary to chalk out the blueprint. Identify the aspects that need optimization such as, open rates, click through, etc. Having clearly defined goals will aid in capturing top results from every test.

Identify The Audience For Your Test Email

Designate the audience who will receive the test emails. It is impractical to distribute your test emails to every member within your email list. Rather an observable number of recipients (20-30%) are most suitable for tracking the progress. Once the niche factors are determined, the winning formula is implemented within other emails that are in line for distribution to the remaining members of the subscriber database.

Utilizing The Test Results In Your Email Marketing

Maybe you have obtained the data from the test email. But, what should you do with it? If this is you, then here is what you should be doing – Suppose, you sent email one and email two, where they are almost identical save for the color used in the CTA. If a particular color stood out to bring better results, then it is practical to incorporate that color for future emails. This is a simple example.

However, there are instances when you will need information on greater depth to fully leverage the roles of these individual bits that forms a perfect campaign email.

Hence, it is practical to turn towards analytics for a far-reaching success. The analytics are a great way to measure your efforts by indicating the percentage of users who engaged with your content and what actions were taken by those who arrived at your product page.

It provides real-time data that allows marketers to decide the next course of action. The A/B testing spares the email marketers from the burden of guesswork which could otherwise lead to losing potential customers. Many modern email marketing platforms have moved on from medieval interface giving clients (marketers) the ultimate control over the use of the platform to reach prospects. Inbuilt analytics on marketing platforms offer comprehensive insight over email distribution without the need to turn towards third party analytics tool.

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