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10 Reasons To Prioritize Email Marketing Over Social Media

Email marketing may not match the glamor of social media. It serves a different purpose. Email Marketing is a vessel that carries your brand message and offerings to a select group of people who may need them. Unlike social media where you may seem like a drop in the ocean, email marketing drives conversions and return on investment. Simply put, email marketing is the most efficient way of making revenues and pacing ahead in the marketing realm. You may not believe, but here are some facts that’ll make you think otherwise.

1. Taping Audience


Taping Audience

Believe it or not; currently, there are more than 3.2+ billion email accounts where up to 91% users check their email frequently. At least once a day. Email has evolved to become an inseparable part of every user’s lives.

2. Be Focused

The approach taken by electronic mail to reach its recipients vastly varies from that of social media. Social media is a digital billboard where you make your business visible to anybody and everybody. It can’t help marketers to make a substantial conversion from everybody who pays attention. You may have a heap of fans liking the page let’s say, 20k.

Be Focused

The number just refers to potential reach. Among these people, the ones who likely view your content is just a fraction of the total reach. On the other hand, email may reach just a fraction of the audience, but it is guaranteed to arrive at the end user. But, whether the recipient interacts with email or not, is up to individual mindsets. It means, although bracketing 22% of emails that are likely to be unread or deleted, it still isn’t a loss to the marketers who use email over social media as a primary conversion channel. However, the same cannot be said about the social media where up to 74% of messages do not bring a healthy turnaround. Note: the information we represent is an average estimation, and actual result may vary depending on multiple factors.

3. Life Span


Life Span

An independent study reveals most of the response (up to 75%) occur within the initial two hours of posting content. The life span of an email surpasses that of the Tweet. An email may remain within the subscriber’s mailbox awaiting some action to be initiated by the recipient.

However, the same cannot be said in the case of Twitter. Every tweet has a shorter life span, the attention on a trending tweet stays peak for 5 minutes after posting. The potential reach gradually drops as it ages.

4. Multiplying Return On Investment (ROI)

Marketer often chases ROI irrespective of the channel they use to reach the audience. Over 60% marketers agree email marketing is churning up to 32% ROI. It is splendidly healthy especially when you measure the results side by side against other channels.

Multiplying Return On Investment (ROI)

On an average, for every dollar spent, you could obtain returns of up to $45 through email marketing. You may have heard the old cliché, “social media is free.” Don’t believe that. Email providers charge a monthly fee to enable the seamless exchange of marketing emails. But, social media too makes premium features available for nominal costs.

5. The Performance Analysis

The Performance Analysis

Many companies have various systems in place to measure the ROI obtained through the social media channel. It is still an open discussion that has no firm conclusion. Year after year, bloggers produce thousands of resources where each follows a different approach.

Thus, tracking ROI on social media is an ultimate challenge, and will continue to remain so in the coming times. On the other hand, email marketing metric are rather convenient to gauge. Year after year, they are actuated to offer precision data to allow more robust adjustment of marketing strategies. To name a few are Click rate, Open Rate, Unsubscribes, and much more. By using these data, you can track the sales and revenues ties to each subscriber.

6. User Interaction

Let us be honest; it is inappropriate to treat email as an engaging platform. I did mention earlier email is a vessel to deliver your brand values to subscribers. But, it is yet to evolve into a fully-fledged two-way system.

User Interaction

The engagement does not mean in identical terms to social media. But, rather a one to one exchange of conversation with prospects who are on board your boat. Make engagement lively:

A “no reply” email must never be sent to prospects.

If you can’t tend to every response from a personal account, configure a “From” address that can be regularly monitored.

7. Platform Assimilation


Platform Assimilation

Email marketing and social media is a great accessory that goes well hand in hand. If you are still yet to build a point of connection between the two, you could be giving the dollar making mechanism a slip. It is time to multiply the reach and revenues by just integrating the platforms.

8. Promoting The Right Way

Up to 79% Subscribers prefer to receive contents promoting products via emails, while the number drops to 5% on social media platform such as Facebook. Each platform patrons have their share of preference.

Promoting The Right Way

An average user primarily prefers to use Facebook for communicating and networking with family and friends. Promotions are always secondary. On the contrary, email platform has evolved to become a platform where personalized messages move back and forth. It makes it more preferred over social media to send promotions. More coupons and discounts are likely to be used by subscribers who receive them via email.

9. Flexibility Of Usage


Flexibility Of Usage

An independent study indicates that over 68% of email messages are accessed via mobile phones, which also account for 55% unique open rate and 44% unique clicks. Mobile email is responsible for up to 15% of all transactions. Most marketers are concerned about making their emails compatible, while the rest are busy exploring new channels to deliver the emails at a personalized scale.

10. Ease Of Customization

Email is the ultimate channel for personalization. You can retain the level of customization despite sending the similar email to over many subscribers. Segmenting the list of your audience will further enable sending targeted messages. Hope these facts helped you. If you could better the list of ideas to make marketing more spectacular, use the comment section below.

Ease Of Customization

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