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6 smart email tactics to boost your subscriber list

6 Ways Of Email Strategies To Grow Your Subscriber List

In the times when the buzzwords of marketing are content and social media, here is a proven tactic that still refuses to die. With an indestructible identity, email marketing has remained a top contender among all competing platforms. In 2016 alone, generous revenues were generated from the email marketing. Email marketing is a time tested catalyst which is 40 times likely to place prospects in line for conversion than social media platforms. Three-fourth of marketers successfully monetize the potentials of email platform. It has profitably evoked the attention of audience than most channels.

With all the success story beings said, list building is the critical aspect that governs the success of all marketing efforts. The arrival of leads is mainly due to lead nurturing plans. Email is the bridge between marketers and leads during the lead nurturing phase. The process of converting leads is completely dependent upon the experience and the email is a great way to drive the engagement.

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Promoting high-quality content

Capturing leads within the funnel is made easier using the blogs. Blogging helps your brand gain visibility in the shrinking market. It helps you stand out and catch the attention of leads that may be on the lookout or particular solution. Brands which update their blogs with increased frequency are 434% inclined to have indexed pages unlike those who do not. The consumers connect with a brand through the search engine. Hence, the odds of list expansion depend upon the brand’s discovery through a search engine

Alongside blog optimization for visibility enhancement, here is how you can turn content into lead generation tool:

  • Provide educative resource and media such as free guides, video, whitepaper
  • Distribute weekly newsletters
  • Provide fill ups to collect contact information from visitors in exchange for downloadable content.
  • Craft templates for your prospects to download.
  • Promote offers, discounts, and giveaways to entice users who have provided contact information.

Asking to share

Doubtlessly, email subscribers share the content on social media than the average visitors. The audience opting in is a strong indication they are interested in your brand and are expecting to hear more from you. In such circumstances, they are likely to share your content should they convey a useful message.

Alternatively, to quicken the reach, you can provide your new subscribers a chance to share the content among peers within their network. Encouraging such measures immediately after opt-in will rapidly contribute to the growth.

Asking to subscribe

Asking the audience to subscribe is easier than it may seem. Utilize your social media voice and convert followers into subscribers by promptly asking them to subscribe.

You can subdue the doubts by assuring periodic eNewsletters that could be advantageously utilized to overcome niche problems. Should you have a list of merits from the recent past, showcase them as material evidence that your existing subscribers are thoroughly enjoying their subscription. Add finesse to the email by including a call to action (CTA) redirecting them to the point of subscription.

High-quality webinars

Webinars have tremendous value in a business by bringing the audience within arm’s reach. Webinars are helpful in following ways:

  • Enhancing your brand image as a leader in the eyes of audience
  • Adaptively positioning content as a training tool, lead generating asset and much more
  • Providing informative instruction on making benefits by using your products and services
  • As an innovative platform for makes sales
  • A flawless mechanism to capture leads

Webinars are proven platforms to collect lead data from participants. More leads are accumulated over time as more webinars are conducted. While planning webinars, ensure that you make an announcement to existing members within your lead list and across social networks to ensure the presence of maximum members who will consume your broadcast.

Inline downloads

Providing online fill outs where the blogs are consumed are an excellent way to accumulate the contact details of blog users. The opt-in forms within the blog content would present marketers a formal profile of users and their needs.

For instance, if a user is reading a blog titled “How marketing can improve buyer experience in 2017” then, promoting solutions that enhance the buyer experience online would make sense. Inline downloads are content within the content that will address a particular problem with a unique solution.

The idea is to promote content that will ideally adapt a particular section to increase the conversion ratios.

CTA within the email

A well though CTA is substantial for any email marketing approach. The goal is to make users click the link. The difference for emails with and without CTA is too significant. It is vital that your audience to understand what they should be doing next.

Provide convincing reason to visitors on why they should stay tuned to hear from you. Choose words that are fitting and emotionally reaches out at members motivating them to respond by subscribing.

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