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Success Story of Microsoft

The American multinational technology giant Microsoft and it’s umpteen products are used by over 1.9 Billion people across the world in over 192 countries. Its adopted by Big Fortune 500 companies making great strides in their success. Explore its history, achievements and milestones in an interactive timeline.

Success Story of Microsoft

Key Facts About Bill Gates:

William Henry Gates III known to us as Bill Gates is the principal founder of Microsoft.

Gates as a 19-year-old Gates drops out of Harvard University and goes on to build Microsoft with childhood friend Paul Allen.

He is also known to be the only man in the world crowned as the most richest for about 24 times in a row.

With his wife Melinda, he owns the world’s largest private charitable foundation.

Microsoft – Timeline

  • April 4, 1975 – The largest PC software company Micro-soft was found by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
  • 1976 – Gates and Paul decided to change from Micro-soft to Microsoft.
  • 1978 – Microsoft’s first office was found in Japan named as ASCII Microsoft.
  • 1980 – Bill Gates sells DOS for the IBM PC for $80,000 however, he keeps the copyrights for himself.
  • 1981 – Microsoft releases MS-DOS that begins to run on IBM personal computers.
  • 1985 – Bill Gates launches 1st Version of Operating System – Windows 1.0 and at the same time becomes the Billionaire at the age of 31.
  • 1987 – Computers become more common in offices and workplaces across the globe as Microsoft releases Windows – 2.0
  • 1990 – Microsoft launches Windows 3.0 that came with improved graphics, and the ability to multitask.
  • 1994 – Microsoft BOB was hailed to replace Windows, but the program failed to meet with much success.
  • 1995 – Microsoft releases Windows 95 at the same time introduces Internet Explorer with the advent of the Internet.
  • 1998 – Computers make their ways into personal lives of people across the globe emerging ways for the “Windows Era.” The focused consumer version of “Windows 98” was released the same year.
  • 1999- Microsoft releases MSN Messenger an IM client.
  • 2000 – Steven Anthony Ballmer, a fellow student of Bill Gates in Harvard, becomes the CEO of Microsoft.
  • 2001 – Microsoft releases Windows XP and launches video gaming brand called Xbox.
  • 2007 – Another version of an operating system “Windows Vista” was released.
  • 2008 – Bill Gates retires as the chief software architect and devotes his time to philanthropy and Bill & Malinda Foundation.
  • 2009 – Microsoft replaces MSN and Unveils Microsoft Bing. Windows also releases Windows 7 in October.
  • 2011 – Microsoft acquires big Skype for $8.5 Billion.
  • 2012: Microsoft releases Windows 8.
  • 2014 – Ballmer steps down as a CEO and Microsoft picks Indian Born executive Satya Nadella who has held leadership roles in the development of Microsoft’s Internet-based and “cloud” computing services.
  • 2015 – Microsoft releases Windows 10, the latest version that’s available in the market today.
  • 2016 – Microsoft takes the boldest move by buying LinkedIn for $28.2 Billion.
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