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the email marketing upgradation in 2017

The Email Marketing Upgradation In 2017

Compiling the 2017 surveys, the gold rush for customer acquisition is gradually receding, and the focus is drawn upon enhancing awareness.

The study conducted among 500 marketing campaigners tossed up some interesting findings. In the year 2016, the spotlight was on the open rates, quality content, and building subscribers. The findings indicated that customer acquisition took the top spot as a core marketing objective.

Coming to the present, the focus has linearly shifted towards much modern marketing strategies. Unlike the previous year, nine percent marketers have ebbed away from prioritizing customer acquisition in 2017. In addition, the brand awareness and loyalty moved several spots upwards.

The industry is much dependent on these mutable metrics during parametric tests. It improves conditioning the ROI or conversions and gauging results accurately. Besides, it is useful while decoding the trends and underpinning technology.

Increasing the customer patronage may still be a marketer’s goal, but migrating towards a modern approach has invalidated the much older “Buy now” buttons. The majority of marketers are seeing little or no gain at all from “Buy now” buttons and vouch for it to be forsaken. Correspondingly, at present, less than 25% marketers use them for lead generation.

The formal incorporation of newfangled tactic such as “Buy now” button does little to sustain merits. Rather, a marketplace is an area that sees ongoing innovation aimed to counter real and hypothetical challenges. Since trends arrive and depart briskly, the fanfare for today’s approach could dissipate tomorrow. However, the ultimate takeaway is to make the best use of an available opportunity. It is all about keeping the audience informed and connected.

Some experts believe that conversion rates could do better by not pushing consumers from emails to visiting a website. Hence, the marketing is moving towards providing website experience to recipients through email.

In 2016, marketers are seen grappling to resuscitate the already waning open and click through rates. Coming to 2017, 37 percent marketers are pushing to sustain click through rate unlike in the previous year where campaigners were biased towards the open rates alone.

In an effort to make 2017 marketing campaigns profitable, marketers are working to improve the personalization by serving interactive content such as videos, and quizzes. It holds assurances to boost open and engagement rates. Additionally, 14 percent marketers intend to use geo-location for mapping their campaigns to the audience within targeted region.

Personalization, as a matter of fact, is predicted to gain prominence because marketers are striving to make recipients open the emails. In 2016, the campaigns were driven by the statistics spewed by demographic and purchase behavior analysis.

In 2017, marketers are inclined to make critical decisions in the personalization department by not just informing customers that they have made past purchases, but also to inform what they have procured from the past specifically. It allows an opportunity to promote inventories that may likely interest some clients.

As we warm up to face more challenges in 2017, Pay Per Click (PPC), SEO, and online Ad placement seem to take center stage as they have meritoriously proven their effectiveness in the past.

However, the email will continue to retain its prominence as it plays a greater role in any marketing campaigns. But, their success will depend on the email service provider as many ESP’s are migrating towards marketing automation without significant overhead.

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