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how good is email marketing as a b2b lead generation

How Good Is Email Marketing As A B2B Lead Generation Tool?

Did you know that email marketing is one of many ideal platforms to benefit commerce? It ranks second among the list of other commonly used lead generation tools and fourth in efficiency. Over 600 people surveyed on LinkedIn were asked, “How marketers are adapting to new challenges”.

25% of the audience voted email as a lucrative platform, while 55% stated it was fairly effective. Only 12% believed it was not worth incorporating into marketing framework.

Email marketing is the fourth most efficient and second most common B2B lead-generation tool, according to a B2B Lead Generation Trend Report released Tuesday.Due to sheer simplicity and cost effectiveness, it email enjoys tall preference over other marketing tools.

92% of the respondents admit using emails for sending the lead campaign. However, the brand website ranks first, where 99% of the respondents agree with the website being an irreplaceable lead generation tool.

Further, the respondents of the survey were asked if they favored any particular email tactics over another, to which there was an overwhelming preference towards content and customization process.

Summarizing The Results, Here Is A Compilation Of The Ideal Email Tactics Based On Votes (High To Low):

  • The content that influences the audience in the pre-purchase stages (56%)
  • Content that can be downloaded onto gadgets (49%)
  • Behavioral segmentation of emails (45%)
  • Automated email distribution process actioned by triggers (33%)
  • Flexible customization of email content (32%)
  • Accurate segmentation of campaigns based on demography data (30%)
  • An option to let subscribers actuate email preference (19%)
  • Send surveys, and interactive content (12%)
  • Incorporation of animation within images and videos (11%)
  • Organizing reward programs to keep the engagement active (10%)

Several marketing research companies indicate varied ranking while considering the value of emails in the marketing realm. Irrespective of the inconsistent views, email marketing continues to remain a top contender offering maximum reach and saving thousands of dollars for small and medium institutions.

However, the resource-rich corporations have the flexibility to exploit other measures. If you can help expand the knowledge, please use the comment section to express views.

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