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why is email list hygiene so important

Why is Email List Hygiene So Important?

Why is Email List Hygiene So Important?

If you want your emails delivered to the right inbox, having a clean list is a must. To get successful results from your
email marketing strategy, maintaining a list of fresh and updated contacts that blend well with your campaigns is crucial.

Facts To Be Known

  • Bounce rate of 3-5 percent is an alert that your email list needs to be cleaned.
  • As more than 20 percent of email registrations contain typos, syntax and other errors, sending emails to an old list with a high bouncing rate can set off an ISP’s spam alert.
  • Remember to re-engage your invalid email customers before removing them from the list to win back their interest in your brand.
  • Frequent cleaning needs to be done to maintain the quality and responsiveness of the list.
  • On average, email marketers have seen 94% ROI from targeted emails when delivered to the right inbox.

What To Remove From The List?

  • Disengaged email subscribers
  • Inactive old contacts
  • Both hard and soft bounces
  • Duplicate and invalid email addresses
  • Unsubscribes
  • Contacts who chose not to opt-in for receiving emails

How To Maintain List Hygiene?

  • Welcoming new subscribers with a meticulously crafted email
  • Segment the list
  • Allow subscribers to edit their email setting
  • Easy to fill unsubscribe forms
  • Keep sending re-engagement email campaigns
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