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16 email marketing lessons i learned after writing over 1,000 promotional emails

16 Email Marketing Ethics To Follow For Successful Conversion

Here are 16 things you must and mustn’t do while writing a promotional email.

1. Focus On The Bigger Picture: It’s Not Just The Open And Click-Through Rates

Open and click-through rates are often overhyped while other contributing elements were ignored.

But are open rates and CTR of much significance? Here is a complete definition:

Open rate is a volume of emails that are opened by the recipients. However, click through rate is a number of emails that the users have engaged by clicking the links within the email.

Hence, these are simple metrics that marketers attempt to improve.

Successful marketers will focus on engaging the right audience rather than targeting a boatful of mixed subscribers. Selective targeting can sometimes lead to high-quality leads but, fewer open rates and CTR.

The Solution:

The better value can be obtained by understanding how open rates and CTR could contribute towards better-attracting subscribers on a long term perspective. Don’t let the immediate goals take priority while considering these metrics.

2. Start With The “From” Section To Encourage Opening The Emails

A recipient forages for the sender’s information upon receiving the email. Hence, the “From” address plays a critical role in influencing the actions taken by the recipient. The subject line and other nitty gritty aspects rank below the “From” address.

If you are unpopular at the time of approaching prospects, craft an email with a straightforward subject line. It will ensure, the intent is communicated without necessitating users to delve into the details while deciding the relevancy of content.

The brand’s growth is a greater concern while accomplishing milestones through email marketing.

We intuitively open the emails when they are sent across from the trusted source.

Here is a simple illustration of that logic. When recipients view their mailbox, they are more likely to skip every email unless they spot a familiar “From” address belonging to friends or family.

Similar psychology plays out when subscribers receive an email from marketers.

The Solution:

Better the reputation, better the engagement.

3. Incentivise Through Your Pitch

Giving your subscribers the hard sell will likely overwhelm them. Hence, approaching subscribers with caution is critical because many are instantly taken back upon sensing a salesy slant.

The volume of unsubscribes could shoot up when marketers attempt hard selling. It also raises the risks of complaints against the sender.

But, there is a harmless method to map your products and services to interested customers sparing the marketer from the hassle of complaints.

Turn the tide by promoting values bundled with the pitch to give subscribers a clear vision of the benefits they could enjoy. It could trigger a sense of curiosity.

The discounts are getting dated, and audiences seek refreshing exploits that would bring satisfaction in response to submitting the email address.

The Solution:

Promote values, and your audience will trust in return

4. Entertaining Stories Matter More Than How-To Information

Have an interesting story to say? You can take concrete measures to ensure to keep the audience entertained. Choose a different approach against the outdated “How-To” information.

Keeping the audience amused pays well because nobody wants to engage in dull conversations with rehearsed sales pitch.

If you are a type of marketer who sends messages to the email list at a reduced frequency, it is a pragmatic approach to distribute “How to” content that will exclusively serve your target group.

However, if you intend to up the frequency of email distribution, simple tips and hacks won’t suffice. Since they are abundant in the world of internet, it is imperative to provide something out of the ordinary. Something worthwhile, such as a “good story.” Play around motivating substance to evoke the interest of audience through educative content. Having a quality story will give recipients a reason to open the message and skim through the content.

The Solution:

Stories are useful tools to market your inventories through a mix of content that educates, entertains and does much more to attract prospects.

5. Stunning Headlines That Convert

Make your emails work in an intended manner by including subject lines that are showy. Copywriters know this best and often control their audience’s behavior through a series of electrifying subject line. Look up the search engines for impactful subject lines used by prominent tabloids, and you can study the tactics for mimicking the results. Vying for attention on prospects

mailbox isn’t easy especially when they contain several other emails that are likely to be deleted or reported by users.

The Solution:

Observe the prominent samples and exploit the know-how

6. Chart The Course Towards Results From The Initial Point

Nobody wants to be betrayed after signing up for email programs. Staying faithful to the terms that initially convinced the members to sign up matters the most because they will likely revert their decision should you exploit their confidence by sending repeated emails.

The situation is rather unchanging should the marketer encourage people to sign up and never to have sent any email.

Whether you overdo by increasing the sending frequency or by not sending at all, the subscribers do not anticipate emails.

Hence, without the vision of what you aim to achieve, you could quickly face the full consequences such as complaints, unsubscribes, rapid shrinking of delivery rates and an increase in bounce rate

The resolve is easy to achieve. Marketers must express to clients a clear picture of what they will receive by signing up.

The Solution:

Always keep your audience informed about what is headed their way. It gives them opportunity to unsubscribe without feeling distressed

7. Regularity Is The Key To Keep The Audience Interested

Email distribution requires consistency because a well-crafted email could leave consumers wanting for more. If the demand cannot be met in planned timeframe, your audience could ebb away.

The Solution:

Plan your email distribution frequency to match the consumer’s expectation

8. Take No Longer Than 15 Minutes To Craft A Well-Worded Email

It’s easy to get lost trying to perfect all aspects of an email. Emails must be crafted quickly to achieve quality results.

Sometimes, 10 minutes could seem exorbitant. Marketing Ninjas spend no longer than 5 minutes to craft a brilliant marketing email. However, most marketers tend to take up to 10 minutes for writing an email.

Email can be crafted with a touch of creativity without worrying about the syntax.

The Solution:

Finish your emails quickly

9. Remember: Write Emails For Your Audience, Not For The Sake Of Promotions

If your intent is to get the audience to respond, then do away with salesy content that pushes consumers to purchase your products or services

Consumers are less enthusiastic to know who you are or what products you sell. Stray subjects are strictly unappreciated and focus on providing content that are problem solvers rather than tips that consumers are not going benefit from.

The Solution:

The email content must solve the niche problems faced by the consumer.

10. The Right Audience Matters

Cold calling approach in email marketing has its share of drawbacks, not knowing the market scope means abandoning the vantage. Email marketing yields best results when you know who will receive your marketing messages

Finding the right audience avoid misplaced emails and significantly reduces the risk of recipients reporting against the sender.

The Solution:

Never send emails to people who are uninterested in purchasing.

11. How Are You Getting The Subscribers?

If you are applying a common strategy to acquire leads irrespective of the channel the progress could come to crawling speed. However, strategizing promotions and content best suited for each channel could increase the quality of leads you capture.

The content is a lead magnet if they are crafted with precision, not only will the leads feel satisfied with your inventories, but may also become patrons of your content.

The Solution:

Hone your content marketing skills to keep audience tethered to your brand.

12. Nurture Your List By Taking Your Marketing Efforts On A Social Platform

Every seasoned email marketer knows the difficulty of turning subscribers into patrons with just emails. Cold leads can be converted to hot leads through email marketing, but marketers can multiply the success on social media.

Although emails have great prominence in people’s lives, the entire buzz happens on social sphere.

The interactive features on social media’s allow greater flexibility to interact with prospects present on social media and within your email list.

The text-based content has lesser potential to influence audience than interactive sources such as YouTube or Snapchat.

The Solution:

Use emails to shout out your presence, but turn social media into a mainstream engagement channel for bringing your subscribers a step closer.

13. Start Email Marketing With An Outstanding Welcome Email

First impressions matter the most. Make your audience consider before deleting the email by expressing your intent, identity, and the benefits offered for subscribing. It is much easier to turn a subscriber into patron when they are wholly aware of sender’s intention.

The Solution:

Work around the nitty gritty of welcome email to influence subscribers to follow across social channel

14. Maintain A Consistent Frequency Sending Writing Emails

Hone your email writing skills by writing regularly. Write as many as you can to improve every little detail that goes into the making of conversion quality email.

After gaining traction, you will be proficient in writing compelling subject lines for emails and stories that impact the mindset of readers. You may have to simultaneously enhance the story crafting skills along with the copywriting techniques. Improve your skills by updating knowledge through educative resources.

The Solution:

Write every day and improve your writing skills

15. Stay Authentic During Conversation And Avoid The Marketing Tone

Hordes of marketers attempt copying tactics implemented by the established brands in the industry. But, they are unlikely to meet similar results, because the outcome varies from one brand to another.

Use of “we,” “us” and technical jargon within the email will lead to growing distaste among readers because nobody wants to read texts that are bot made or written without empathetic tone.

The Solution:

Subscribers expect emails that are personalized and engaging. Asking questions through your message can be productive

16. Unsubscribes Are Part Of Email Marketing

There is no reason to feel stressed when audience unsubscribe. Perhaps it is better to set free the members who no longer wish to receive communication rather than forcing them to stay. Uninterested recipients who are not given a chance to unsubscribe could report spam and block you from sending future messages. Such measures can negatively affect the marketers sometimes forcing ISP to block all outbound emails.

Pay attention to your sending frequency and ensure not many emails are sent hastily when your audience isn’t expecting.

The quality of the subscriber matters than the volume. Hence, if users do not wish to hear from you, go ahead and remove them from your mailing list. If you can consistently provide value through your emails, the subscribers are likely to stay committed for a longer duration. Your subscribers staying more than a few months is a healthy sign indicating your efforts are invested in right places.

The Solution:

Unsubscribes are not immediate signs of the threat to your marketing program. If they don’t wish to receive communication, allow them to part away.

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