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why is email marketing a resilient channel in 2017

Why Is Email Marketing A Resilient Channel In 2017?

The Social media marketing is trendy. The favorite hangout spot where people of all demographic range converge may seem ideal for shouting out to masses. However, the pinnacle signs of success are seen through email marketing. It yields the best ROI comparatively and is the most suitable channel to reach conscious consumers. 2017 and beyond will see a drastic surge in client acquisition through email marketing.

Marketers are always in pursuit of latest trends. During the chase, there is often a risk where proven methods may be neglected in the face of a newfound solution. Marketers who promptly embrace unfamiliar tactics at the cost of old ones could risk making regrettable decisions

From time to time, we have witnessed glorification of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for its potential to garner audience’s attention. Elsewhere, email continues to expand its deep-rooted influence discreetly by acting as a bridge between coveted clients and genuine marketers.

If social media and email marketing contested against one another, the latter is likely to emerge as the unbeaten champion of client acquisition because of its ability to penetrate mature audience. Email marketing is a seasoned platform having decades of experience converting prospects into customers.

Email Versus Social Media Marketing

Using email platform for capturing clients have steered businesses to their goals, and its dominance over social media remains unchallenged despite the unfolding trends. Social media may be revamped in numerous aspects to support massive volumes of highly interactive media, but it still fails to match the efficacy of email.

In an independent survey conducted among email marketers last year, 60% acknowledged that email marketing is ahead of the curve compared to social media.

The data mentioned above is subjective. However, here are some metrics extracted from the real world observation:

  • 2.6 billion people use email, while Facebook and Twitter have 1.7 billion and 313 million users.
  • 58% email users skim through their mailbox first before moving on to other channels. 11% checked Facebook, and 2% viewed Twitter.
  • The median click-through for emails is 3.57% against 0.07% for Facebook and 0.03% for Twitter.
  • Up to 66% conversions entail email conversations, while it is 20% for Facebook and 6% for Twitter.
  • ROI is exceptionally healthier via email at 21% against 15% on social media.

Building a solid email list is simpler against continuous revamping of social media image to attract prospects.

Why Email Symbolizes Successful Marketing Plan?

The tango with social media may soon become a thing of the past due to shifting interests. But, it may not meet an untimely demise but a gradual ebbing of users due to boredom. The social media is losing its sheen and is less exciting unlike a few years ago. Marketers’ newfound obsession with metrics is an indication that they are desperate to do away with the salmon run which was once a commonly observed trend.

Social media influencers feel strangulated with shifty patterns reflected across marketing realm, and also the evolving algorithms aimed to acclimatize marketers towards paid promotions.

In 2016, marketers were impulsively making bulging revenues through paid promotions. This approach was favorable because marketers had the flexibility to invest their attention elsewhere than the social media. The paid advertisements are known to attract deserving attention towards the brand from time to time.

Elsewhere, prominent corporate media is investing in e-newsletters that are boldly competing with other channels.

Why Use Email

The mystery deepens with the question “how has email survived?” The use of email may be seen with undue prominence, despite the everyday dilemma – dealing with the flooded mailbox. An average email user spends a chunk of the time cleaning the inbox. Many prefer to not viewing personal and professional emails in a pile. However, the subjective views apart, email has merged into our everyday lives.

In the present times, smartphones are the favorite medium of interaction for email users. The latter supports desktop-like experience without deviating from daily duties. Professionals are more likely to use email for private conversations rather than Facebook or Twitter.

Email is seen as an executive channel to convey matters to employees, employers, or any members across business realms.

On the other hand, consumers prefer to see brand communication such as offers, transaction information and other personalized messages on email. It is in the very nature of email to aid sales marketers in an excellent manner by sustaining a perfect balance between professional and personal qualities.

The Balance Between Email And Social Media Channel

Email marketing may take sheer advantage of its popularity in 2017 and will continue to support its existence unchallenged in the years ahead. Social media marketers have laboriously attempted to dominate the marketing trends. But, coming to client acquisition and sales closure, there is no replacement for the email. However, it is never an indication social marketing is losing its luminescence. The onus is on the marketer how he or she wields the email and social media opportunities. Social media may have superior qualities that enable creation and promotion of high-quality content and is a leading contributor of direct ROI. Social media is a brand-building asset that boosts visibility across wider areas. Perhaps, social media makes email marketing efforts profitable by shouting out the brand’s existence.

Experts suggest that both email and social media marketing has great significance in designated areas within the sales funnel. The email marketing shines best in the lower areas of the funnel with promotions and offers, while the social media takes care of the mid-funnel processes where consumers receive announcements and news.

Getting the conversation started and sales closure is the core potential of email. The promotions are vibrantly hosted on the social sphere where it appeals to masses through creatively stacked promotions.

Are you planning to begin your promotions this year? This article could be your guide for understanding the strengths and weakness of email marketing.

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