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influencer marketing trends in 2017

Influencer Marketing Trends In 2017

Trends arrive and sometimes disappear sooner than you know. Absorbing every arriving trend isn’t a practical choice, but the current information could significantly boost your standing in the competitive marketplace. The content is still the king, and the demand will continue to surge ahead.

The outgoing trend is the use of online advertisements for promoting marketing inventories because Ad blockers have always stood between marketers and their audiences by intercepting and preventing Ads from reaching the net users.

Social Media influencers have neatened brands efforts to penetrate into a larger pool of customers. Marketers are utilizing the influencer marketing tactics to pace alongside the upcoming trends.

Here Are The Most Anticipated Trends Of 2017:

Optimization Of Visual Content

Mobile gadgets have played a vital role in assisting humanity in greater terms. Hence, the future holds finer privileges for brands braiding their marketing programs around portable gadgets. Until the recent past, platforms utilizing creative elements such images and videos have successfully targeted a niche group of users.

In 2017, social sites such as Instagram will act as a catalyst in heightening the engagement rates as buying decisions will continue being influenced by the quality of visual content distributed via image and video.

Shorter and Smarter Content

Time is a precious commodity, and consumer preference is towards brands that profoundly value the time. Sparing the audience from fatiguing posts that eat into their time will do wonders while brand building. The site visitors arrive to consume informative content that provides an immersive experience in a short and crisp package rather than an overlong composition of words.

A smaller post with precise information can deliver utmost value than a lengthy content.

Marketer-Influencer Partnership For Content Creation

The garnering demands for influencer-backed marketing are nothing new. It is their creativity that becomes the selling point. Upon realization, marketers are more accommodating towards influencer’s creativity that they are willing to infuse their skills into content. Since social media influencers have exceptional marketing expertise, marketers can benefit from the fellowship.

Prioritizing Metric Evaluation

The patronage isn’t a standalone metric for gauging distance to goals. Connecting with intended results require absorbing the data collected through analytics and tracking the advancement at multi tiers. Regular monitoring of the system helps the markets make conclusive decisions such as the feasibility of collaboration with social media influencers.

Integration Of Technological And Automation Tools

We are collectively lead by technology in all walks of life and influencer marketing has a deep-rooted reach in multifaceted marketing environment; whether it is virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality.

The present trend goes on to an extent where automation tools have enabled influencers to implement and convey the content in their authentic approach to evince maximum response.

It’s true; some influencer tactics have become outdated and are awaiting improvement. Also, there are others in the queue undergoing the transformation.

However, the ultimate priority is making your audience feel their concerns and needs are being heard and actioned upon in time.

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