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4 Powerful Ways To kickstart Email Marketing In 2017

With the beginning of another new year, marketers are implementing the meticulously planned email marketing strategy to offer an enjoyable experience to buyers.

Implementing these 4 email marketing strategies will give a surefooted performance in 2017:

1. More Attention To Subscribers

The brands have a greater potential to pick up new customers during the holiday season. It is easier to monetize upon the opportunity by considering these ideas:

  • The majority of holiday shoppers intend to purchase gifts and would prefer secondary volume of emails.
  • Increase the offer distribution by analyzing the past purchases made by the consumer.It gives you the leverage in offering relevant offers.
  • The most important aspect of lead nurturing is the regular appreciation for the clients to make them feel valued.

2. Make Emails Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices have siphoned a vast number of users from traditional platforms to become the bread and butter of modern technology usage. The expedited growth and development have empowered portable platforms such as the smartphone to all new heights. The abundant opportunity has paved the way for optimization of emails and content delivery system to maximize the reach and multiply the conversions.

Here Are Some Proven Tips To Make Users Click The Emails On Their Smartphone.

  • Implement user-friendly designs that instantly evoke the attention of users and set a positive keynote to the engagement. Several independent studies have indicated up to 15% increase in click through when emails are optimized for mobile experience.
  • You can grow your subscriber list by using email creatives for optimizing the experience on browsers. It makes up for authentic results in the absence of responsive design.

3. Plan Yearly Email Distribution Programs

Prepare a marketing calendar that represents your yearly program. You may replicate the draft implemented in the previous year or incorporate the calendar adopted by the competitors.

The logic behind such an approach is to piece together a feasible schedule that is marked as a priority.

The schedule will also serve as a practical roadmap to the goal. A plan in hand will allow marketers to make revision from time to time and adjust offers according to the seasons of the year.

4. Optimize Existing Email Program

Marketing messages delivered through emails yield high ROI because for the minuscule expenses involved. Albeit, it is important to make ample spending for improving the overall performance. Sometimes running behind schedules may need timely intervention to realign the priorities and get back on track.

Here Is How You Could Realign Your Approach In The Right Time:

  • Incorporate advanced email tools that can automate segmentation, auto detect abandoned cart and manage emails without the manual intervention.
  • Switch over to premium email preview services such as Litmus.
  • Implement highly responsive themes that improve the user experience and navigation.
  • Tidy up the database to accurately reach the recipients, prioritize email verification to avoid sending unsolicited messages and make timely data appending to retain and reconnect with old customers
  • Take part in core business development projects such as webinar and conferences on email marketing programs.
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