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6 Reasons Why Social Media Is A Must For Your Businesses?


Social media was the Mecca of digital marketing in 2016. Global marketers are suddenly engrossed in connecting with audience across social media. With the internet substantially intertwined with vast users, social media has proven to be the ideal platform for connecting with a greater audience.

The Content Marketing In 2017

  • 40% B2B markets think social media has great significance in gaining momentum during brand building. The CMI has made benchmarks, trend reports,and budget tracking available on tap.
  • Social media takes the second spot for strategy development in content marketing.
  • To maintain a competitive edge, it is important for marketers to stay up to date with trends and changes affecting the relevant industry.

1. Increased Consumption Of Social Media Content

  • In the opening half of 2017, social media users are expected to increase by 10% or 210 million.
  • The number of social media users is projected to grow by 17% or 285 million
  • The addition of more new users is great news for B2B marketers because their ability to dilate brand awareness depends on the continuous arrival of new users.
  • Many brands are likely to push their social media spending higher than the previous year. Marketers will likely earmark a whopping 20.9 % of their marketing budget for social promotions.

The Subject Line Detail

  • Open rates can be improved with customization (22% users addressed by the first name promptly opened the email)
  • Best subject lines contain minimum character count (Email providers such as MailChimp recommend 50 characters or less in the subject line)

2. The Customer Experience

  • Marketing plans are typically built around customer experience (CX), and it will continue to be the focus of most B2B marketers.
  • The statistics from Mckinsey indicate that B2C companies have customer experience rating at 65% while it is 50% for the B2B industry.
  • This year, B2B campaigners are more likely to improve the customer experience throughout the sales funnel.
  • Markets are rallying up to users through multiple social media channels and also through corporate sites.
  • 48% content is consumed via smartphone, prompting marketers to optimize this touchpoint in favor of compact gadgets so that content will aid quality conversion.

3. Interactive Content

  • B2C marketers enrich their landing pages with quality content and images that are highly engaging. On the other side, the B2B companies are equally augmenting the design and content to drive conversion.
  • 71% marketers make the best use of visual bits on social media to execute successful marketing plans. Using social listening tools will assist identifying right circumstances for distributing content and attracting prospects.

4. Prioritize Qualifying Leads

  • 60% businesses are unable to convert social media activities into ROI.
  • 65% marketers use listening tools that are embedded within the social media network
  • The B2B brands are throwing their weights behind social media marketing due to unlimited opportunities that could lead to improved lead generation.
  • 2017 has seen a significant jump in the businesses that utilize advanced analytics for obtaining a crispier data insights to develop a sharper marketing strategy.

5. Innovation In Social Media Advertising

  • Social media is no longer the hub of posting content for targeted groups. More attention is given to make advertisements stand out and evoke the consumer’s attention.
  • Revenue generation from social media is expected to touch $11 B in 2017.
  • Many social media platforms are employing advanced features to help marketers stay surefooted in the social media structure.
  • The social media has seen a fair share of developments, and B2B marketers cannot lag behind. The spotlight hovers above the Twitter and LinkedIn. Such implementations could help carry your marketing message to the right audience.
  • In 2017, the carousel advertisements from Facebook has seen the sheer amount of takers, and a surge in demand is expected.
  • Social media advertising is expected to improve the overall selling and buying experience online.

6. In-Time Response

  • B2C businesses thrive on trending topics to increase the engagement. However, 2017 has seen many b2b companies implementing the same.
  • Whether it is event or message, B2B brands are focussed on establishing more touchpoints to reach the targeted market.
  • The b2b marketers will wholly utilize the hashtags, and keywords stats obtained from analytics tools to improve their brand ratings.
  • The collected metrics can be used to improve your marketing performance.
  • These are most recently trending social media marketing practices in 2017.
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