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4 brilliant strategies to bring sales and marketing teams on the same page 2017

4 Ways To Bring Sales And Marketing Teams On Same Page

It is impossible to ignore the widening space between sales and marketing teams within any organization because such disconnect could lead to imprecise management and poor conversions.

Here are few areas that contribute towards the disorganized functioning of a system:

  • Content created by the marketing team reflects poorly against the purposes suited for prospecting.
  • Sales team cannot place a request for content styled as per their needs
  • Marketers lack awareness about the product positioning and revenue goals.
  • The absence of concerted attempt to carry out plans or opportunity for collaboration.

However, recently things are looking up as more forward thinking companies are bringing a collaborative environment between marketing and sales teams.

When marketers coordinate their duties with the sales team, it brings favorable results by pulling the right strings.

Follow these ideas to perfectly incline sales and marketing teams towards the goals in 2017:

Prioritize Social Selling

The social media has removed the fundamental obstacles that separate the sales and marketing team’s duties to a great extent. It has also allowed shoring up support for various other functions between the departments.

The sales team duties must involve actively engaging social media users by sharing the content produced by marketing bunch on their personal profiles. The success of inbound marketing depends on how much information a visitor soaks up by engaging with the content.

The content created by the marketers is found in blog sections of most brands and also the social media. The problem arises when sales crew is oblivious to the content specifics produced by marketers.

Distribution of content among the greater audience to increase the awareness is made possible when companies encourage its sales department to share them which ultimately contributes towards lead generation.

The content creation is not wholly limited to marketing departments within an organization. Sometimes, the sales team must involve in creating content based on audience’s interest. It is possible to obtain advantageous results because the sales crew understand prospects better than anybody else within the organization. They are mostly are aware of the persisting challenges, and any may have quality solutions to overcome the problems. Providing the opportunity to negotiate may bring desired results.

On the other hand marketing departments can pitch in and assist in content distribution. Posting contents created by sales team will build enthusiasm within the teams as it allows exploring challenges previously unknown to the marketers. It presents fair opportunity to learn strategies to engage niche audience. A collaborative environment encourages members to understand each other’s duties and to stay synchronized

Plan Team Meetings With Sales And Marketing Dept

In the majority of companies, sales and marketing teams are housed in independent units mostly unsynced from each other. The meetings are often limited to one team at any point in time further widening the gap.

To stay on the same page, the meetings are best held in the presence of both the sales and marketing members. This way, it is much effective while building a comprehensive sales marketing plan. Keeping both the teams informed about the goals and economic models will yield best results in generating revenues.

Incorporate CRM

The campaign models are augmented based on the feedbacks from the sales department. Having a robust CRM in place will enable your company to observe the KPI such as:

  • The volume of leads queued for sales conversion
  • Identifying the ideal content that is appealing to leads
  • Effective follow-up strategy
  • A suitable CRM with multidirectional reporting system that keeps track of progress from teams

Embrace The Change

Since marketing and sales have long been thriving in separate ecosystems, the change may not be reflected immediately. The driving force must come from leaders by encouraging members to commingle and work in unison.

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