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3 Ways How Direct Mail Can Be Used to Supplement Your Online Sales Funnel

3 Ways How Direct Mail Can Be Used To Supplement Your Online Sales Funnel

With the intervention of digital marketing and automation, the traditional method of taking the prospect through the four stages of a sales funnel – awareness, interest, desire, and action is no longer a simple one. With limited engagement channels available earlier, sales representatives were able to control and tailor their marketing message according to each of their customers. But today, the availability of many communication channels and touchpoints has made it difficult for sales personnel to exercise their power in the way they did in the past.

Now, customers don’t need to get in touch with a sales representative to obtain information about a company and its products or services. They have various ways to communicate with the company and know about it. Hence, in the sales process, customers have more power than the seller. Though technology has given superior powers to customers but still even in this digital age the stages of a sales funnel are the same, just their role have changed.

Digitalization has introduced new ways of marketing like email marketing, social media marketing and more but the importance of a direct mail continues to remain the same. If marketers want to drive prospects to their website, then they need to target their potential customers with a uniquely and efficiently crafted direct mail piece.

Here Are Three Ways Of Using Direct Mail To Supplement Your Online Sales Funnel By Driving More Visitors To Your Site.


1. Avoid Lengthy Sales Copy

To attract visitors to your site, you don’t need to write and forward a long sales letter. Your message in the mail has to be simple, clear and crisp as readers would not be interested in reading pages after pages. Be it postcards, check letters, tear-sheets, small self-mailers, or a short letter package of two pages, the content in it has to be limited in size and easy to read. Unnecessary lengthy letters will annoy customers, and they will prefer not to go through it.

2. Highlight the call to action Option

Depending on the size of your sales piece, you need to mention the call to action note and relevant URLs that you want your readers to get notice of as many times as possible. To make it easier for prospects to find the call to action section, put the same many times on your mail. If the mail is on a larger card of 8.5 x 5.5 or 11 x 6 then try to have the call to action at least twice on each side of the card. Prospects won’t invest time in finding what you want them to see. So, you have to keep things highlighted in your letter as many times as possible.

3. Don’t Reveal Everything on the Mail

If you let the prospects know everything about your products on the mail itself then how can you intrigue them to visit your website? Your purpose is to bring them to your site and for that, you need to just build their interest in your offerings through your direct mail campaign. And for that, you just need to give an outline that will trigger their level of curiosity and compel them to know more about your company.

Don’t try to sell through your direct mail. Rather focus on how you can use the postcard to get the prospects go online and reach your web page. Let them first be converted into clients then go ahead with your selling process. When executed in the right way, direct mail marketing contributes in bringing more prospective customers into your online sales funnel.

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