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take advantage of these online marketing trends in 2017

Take Advantage Of These Online Marketing Trends In 2017

Take Advantage Of These Online Marketing Trends In 2017


Today, there are 3.5 billion Internet users across the world. At least 40% have made an online purchase in their lifetime. With the rate of expansion, online marketers are left with 1.4 billion users who could be converted into paying customers. Every 1.4 billion individual represents a unique sales opportunity in various B2B and B2C industry.

The online trend is unlikely to ebb away anytime soon. Marketing specialists exploit every skill set in their inventory to take a bite of the opportunity; this infographic covers various trends that will unfurl in 2017.

It Matters Where And How You Implement Your Plan

The geographically targeted SEO tactics have held prominence against the keyword driven method while targeting users via mobile devices.

The Trends That Will Affect Digital Marketing In 2017


Triggered Emails

Triggered emails keep the audience connected in the times of cart abandonment, partial transaction, and while reconnecting with old clients. These tactics have worked wonders in the realm of online marketing.

Well planned triggered emails offer 70.5% open rate and 152% click through rate.

Content Marketing

Content is the key to brand building and product placement. The clarity and preciseness of content will outline the overall results. From a strategic viewpoint, content marketing is 62% cost effective than cold calling.

Tracking Customer Journey

The chink in the website can lead to loss of opportunity. Hence, it is imperative to keep in check the bounce rates by assessing the situation through online analytic tools. An online marketer must be aware of customer journey within the sales funnel.

The sales ecosystem isn’t complete without the experience. Better customer experience leads to amplified conversions.

Smartphone Advertising

Smartphone markets are prospering at an astounding pace. Mobile-centric experience is nothing to be taken lightly. An unresponsive mobile template could result in 70% users ebbing away.

Review Marketing

Customer reviews are pivotal in garnering the attention of prospective buyers because 88% prospects check the customer reviews before making the purchase decision.

Digital Payment

The payment window is an important aspect of online marketing. With more users opting online payments over other channels, the onus is on the marketer to keep the transaction window seamless and risk-free. Integrating a secure layer to support safer transactions will instill trust.

  • 23% payments are transacted over smartphone
  • 19% users choose tablets for making payments
  • 16% users pay for services via desktop

User-Driven Content

Did you know, content created by consumers maximize the impact of sales? It reflects the friendly qualities of businesses that encourage their clients to get heard.

Coming to influencer marketing, none is more impactful than customers sharing their experience. The impression of existing clients will drive 20% buying decisions.

Up For Grab Reward Programs

The 5 types of customers that every online marketer encounters

Committed Client:

They are reluctant to break their ties with the brand and will remain loyal to a long term. They are mostly acquainted with the offerings.

Serial Browsers:

A serial browser will consume the content and is a frequent site visitor without the buying intent.


Researchers analyze the value before making purchase decisions. They compare the benefits and disadvantages of each offering to great depths.

Inconsistent Buyer:

Individuals who make an online purchase once never to return again are those who can be turned into committed client through incentives and reward programs.

  • 76% purchasers expressed indifference towards reward programs.
  • 12% indicated that they would participate more in programs that offer attractive rewards
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