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3 game changing email metrics that will shape the email marketing in 2017

3 Game-Changing Email Metrics That Will Shape The Email Marketing In 2017

Email marketers spend a chunk of their time crafting and enhancing creative content that can be accommodated in custom campaigns. The CTA, subject lines, and other email elements are effectively tested to determine inefficient features.

Apart from everyday optimization, email marketers spend more time crafting triggered emails and on targeted messaging programs to dilate the conversation leading to more open rate, click through, and conversions.

The Scope Of Email Optimization And Targeted Messaging Programs Are Based On 3 Elements:


Planned paths and outlay

Taking a planned path to goals will lead to predictable outcomes where the templates provide traction to the endeavor.

Suppressing the need for resources

The email marketing costs can be kept under control by managing projects with the existing numbers of teams. Doing away with the notion of requiring additional resources to fulfill goals will help cutting time and costs.

Streamlining strategy execution by using practical metrics

The commonly used email metrics derived from the email service providers are narrowly focussed on optimization of campaigns. The data such as open, click through, CTA, subject lines, and reward programs are selective performance metrics that will give direction to the campaigns.

However, Here Are The Three Advanced Metrics That Affect Various Tiers Of Performance.


1. Quality of database

Assessing the rate of emails that are read (not opened) from 2.5 million mailboxes reveal contradicting facts. The marketers driving emails with more read rates use fewer sophisticated marketing tactics and are less dependent on segmentation. The email blasts are still being used as an effective lead-generating mechanism.

It turns out that the key factor in sustaining the read rate performance depends entirely on the quality of subscriber list utilized by the marketer to send out custom marketing messages. A marketer with a highly responsive B2B list will benefit from good ROI.

The email marketers must have a clear grasp of the limitation posed by email list at hand. It provides a crude insight of the list quality to understand how responsive they are when compared to competitors. It enables marketers to focus more on capturing the actionable email address from responsive channels. The higher quality of email address translates to the higher value proposition and CTA response which increases the precision of data acquisition at the time of signup.

2. Churn rate of the list

There are challenges in areas of email marketing metrics such as the ESP reporting of complaints and unsubscribes per campaign. The report may show less than 1% of the churn rate comprising users who unsubscribe and report spam.

The churn may seem too high during the initial year of the campaign. Marketers may see anywhere between 20% to 50% loss of subscribers. The high churn rate over a prolonged period could lead to a gradual decline in quality of the B2B list. The initial signs may begin from lower open rates, click through, and eventually slower conversions.

With powerful metrics at hand, marketers can focus on speeding up the tempo through precise targeting, improving the list quality, and enhancing the lifetime efficacy of the list.

3. Encouraging brand loyalty

Sustaining profits through email marketing is possible by nurturing the sales relation with clients and encouraging them to remain loyal. However, measuring the data associated with brand loyalty is highly limited to gauging their standing against competitors. Marketers can obtain such data through market research.

Marketers can exploit the results from market research to optimize the loyalty from clients. Taking cues from other email marketers can help reap the benefits

Metrics play a vital role in shaping up the course of the marketing. Data-driven efforts will propel marketers towards predictable outcomes where the efforts match with results.

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