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Know Your Content | Articles, Blogs, and Content Planning

Content has always been the driving force of the internet. We have seen from time to time how the content has played a critical part in building momentum in marketing efforts. Sometimes, it is bewildering to understand the invisible force that makes “content A” more appealing than “Content B.”

With thousands of content pouring into the internet every day, the elements that separate article, blog or any other content from one another seems to have diminished for once. The content, on the other hand, has traits that put them into respective category no matter how they are crafted.

Perhaps, there are distinguishing elements more than handful variants that vastly classify the digital content.

Here are the differences that distinguish most popularly consumed digital content:



Do you feel the need to explain your audience an idea or two perhaps? Should the explanation cover all aspects thoroughly? Then, the detailed write-ups are often crafted by industry experts who are well informed on the topic and worthy of sharing the same with inquisitive readers. The articles written by professionals are an ideal instrument of learning where the knowledge sourced through intense research. Hence, an article is written in a formal context unlike in the case of blogs. Articles are normally found within journals, and other authentic database found on the internet. Most articles contain fewer creative images, but rather represent rich facts. Since articles include tons of words, they may not be suitable for readers attempting to skim through the content.


Blogs are written in an informal context where the content rarely penetrates underlying details. The word count barely exceeds 500. Blogs have crude nature and do not cover areas that need excessive light shown at them. Blogs are write-ups that contain informally worded content where the writer speaks in a first person perspective, and the content can occasionally get chatty yet still tolerated. Blogs enjoy leeway to have vibrant images that catch the attention of those who engage in it. The visual content significantly impacts the audience who consume blogs.

Planning the content

Irrespective of the variants, content is meant to dilate the knowledge of subjects through well-worded write ups. From a marketing standpoint, content which is informative in nature can influence the buying decision of the audience. Hence, it becomes an important component within the sales funnel.

Planning your content distribution is the most critical aspect of successful marketing. Blogs are best when served day to day basis while articles could be posted at intervals.

It’s impractical to splash the content on your marketing site if they fail to bring the right values through those who consume them. The key to accomplishing right results is to create the content keeping quality in focus.

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