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4 takeaways from donald trump presidency that could make entrepreneurs successful

4 Takeaways From Donald Trump’s Presidency That Could Make Entrepreneurs Successful

Donald Trump’s presidency has evoked mixed response from Americans and rest of the world alike. But, there is something every marketer can learn from the controversial billionaire and 45th president of United States. This write-up covers 4 takeaways from Donald Trump’s presidency that could make entrepreneurs successful.

1. No Consolation For Participation. Win! Win! Win!

The upcoming generation is schooled to accept failure resulting in the absence of aggressive goal setting. Participation is given tall preference over the accomplishment of goals.

Donald Trump isn’t a participant in most cases, and he certainly does not open hotels hoping just to stay ahead of the competition. Trump moves in for the kill by zero in on right opportunity. It is something entrepreneurs can replicate.

2. Not Every Product Can Appeal To Consumers

Donald Trump is aware he will never be liked by many and doesn’t feel the impulse to rebrand himself. The same is applicable in the case of marketing, for instance, iPhone may have patrons and an equal number of naysayers who would promptly advocate against buying one.

However, Apple caters their products to a niche group of enthusiasts rather than trying to please everyone at the same time. Apple finds it convenient to build the brand within the community where demand is abundant while new supporters could be acquired on the way. Such tactics are part of the brand’s long-standing commitment towards maintaining exclusivity and eventual success.

The takeaway from the examples mentioned above suggests that brands are likely to find success by focussing on the audience who will become patrons rather than building a mass appeal because simultaneously trying to impress everyone could be fatal especially if the brand is in the growth phase.

3. Confidence Is Power

Extreme confidence in self is Trump’s way of life. During the US presidential campaigns, Trump flaunted his bulging level of confidence unmindful of the criticism, and the greater part of his success story is matched with the way he carries himself around the opposing views.

Entrepreneurs can emulate Trump’s confidence by stepping out of the shadows and into the limelight. The charisma plays a vital role in dilating visibility and brandishing resilience.

4. Concretize The Brand In The Early Stages

Donald Trump’s intent was clearly visible from the start. His branding began with the message “make America Great Again.” The message made his position concrete in the American’s mindset. Entrepreneurs can use similar tactics to gain traction and appeal to the audience with greater propensity. In the realm of marketing, no common formula dynamically fulfils every role within the industry.

Make a head start by finding an avenue where you could meet potential audience through content marketing. Marketing without substance will bring everybody back to the drawing board. Year after year, poorly funded good ideas flood the market only to meet a swift demise. Marketing plans must be charted in advance with precision, so success is inexorable.

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