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Top 5 Marketing Data Sources That Will Strengthen Your Content

As a part of our content marketing strategy, we believe in publishing unique and engaging free content that is of some help to our readers. When our team of content writers goes ahead with developing content, what they try is to answer customer’s queries, address their issues and give them valuable tips or guidelines that can boost their business growth, improve ROI and build a strong customer base.

Apart from writing meaningful content, what we consider crucial is getting the right data to support what we right- be it statistics, percentages, latest developments in technology, market overview and more. We just cannot write whatever we want. So, we pay special attention towards researching on the data sources that are well-equipped with relevant and updated information that can give an added advantage to our content.

Based on what we follow, we recommend you to not just publish content but the right one. And to do so, you need to find those sources of marketing data that can help you create content with a perfect blend of words supported by facts. With quality content, you can make your brand have authority over the subjects you are dealing with to build a community of loyal customers.

To make the job easier for your content writers, we have listed five sources of marketing data that will take your content marketing to new heights of success. You can select any of these sources as all are equally capable of delivering the best.

1. MarketingProfs

Offering data-driven marketing content, MarketingProfs is a well-known name as far as marketing data is considered. It is a well-trusted source that most marketing teams, individual marketers, and some of the world’s largest organizations look up to for training, strategies, marketing tools and more. With a small touch of improvisation from their end, much of the data they publish is original and reliable.


2. HubSpot

“Your success with inbound marketing and sales is much more dependent on the width of your brain than the width of your wallet,” says Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder, CTO of HubSpot. With such thinking in mind, one of the famous and certainly one of the best sources of marketing data, HubSpot came into existence and still continuing the journey of providing quality content to the industry people. Chosen by most of the content developers for original marketing data to support their stories, this site occupies a strong position in the digital marketing industry.


3. MarketingCharts

If you are in search of complete and useful marketing data that can help you create an excellent piece of content, then MarketingCharts can be your destination you would want to reach. As the name suggest, this site offers marketing charts – covering a broad range of topics related to both B2C and B2B markets. By collecting data from multiple sources and crafting it according to their style, this website brings an array of information under the same roof. But there is a slight twist in how they do business. To put it simple terms, they don’t offer complete data at free of cost. Some of their original data has to be purchased if you want to use it. But as their content is of the superior grade so investing in this source won’t be a bad deal based upon your content marketing budget.


4. Buffer

One of the great things about Buffer, a blogging site where relevant data back the points they publish. Being a digital marketing blog, Buffer offers content dealing with social media and online marketing tools, strategies and analytics. They don’t just stop at creating content rather they take a step ahead in making it look entertaining as well as informative for the audience. You should give Buffer a try.


5. Moz

Beginning as an SEO consulting company, Moz has only seen success at every step of its evolution. It is one of the finest sources to get information on SEO and online marketing. They have a huge database consisting of marketing information that can be used by you to make your content even more engaging and appealing to the readers. It’s high-time that you give all these sources a try and select the one that meets your requirement.


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