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How to increase sales from email marketing

Email marketing has been one of the effective marketing strategies over the years, generating the required revenue for the organization. They have a delivery rate of 78%, outsmarting other forms of marketing.

Small business owners have a challenging task for creating an effective email marketing plan; limited budget, less skilled resources, and others restrict for developing an email which can communicate with the prospect effectively. A pre-designed and result-oriented email template can bring out the best for the business.

There are many types of marketing emails which can improve customer engagement and improve sales in these organizations. Find out some of them:

1. Welcome Emails:

Welcome emails are the first mail which a subscriber receives after the confirmation of the email address. Since it is the first point of communication with the customer, you have to make it memorable and worthwhile. A better representation of your service makes the brand stand out from the crowd. Each element in the welcome email speaks a lot about the brand.


2. Tutorial And Tips Emails:

These emails are educational emails helping subscribers to have in-depth knowledge about your business. The emails provide a detailed description of the products so that subscribers can understand how the company’s products can satisfy their needs. Teaching them something new with these tutorial emails can be beneficial for your brand as they will be exposed more to your products.

3. Brand Stories:

Brand stories come from the brand. Most of the stories revolve around how it was started, the journey which bought positive changes for the organization, how they handled any failure, their upcoming services or product, etc. A compelling story of the brand helps the subscribers in identifying and relating with the brand. It necessarily does not mean the story has to be forced with lots of twists and turns like a Hollywood script, but it could be made into an enticing story captivating the minds and emotions of the customer.



4. Abandoned Cart Emails:

These mails are for the customers who have abandoned the shopping carts half away. They did not complete the transactions; there can be many reasons like they got an urgent call or changed the plan the last minute. Whatever be the reason, it provides a good opportunity for the marketers for targeting these customers and bringing them back to the websites to purchase the product. They can be easily converted as they were interested in your product in the first stage.

The abandoned cart emails are sent to customers to win the lost opportunity.

5. Re-Engagement Emails:

Re-engagement emails are sent to customers who have been inactive quite a while. There could be reasons like they lost interest in your product or were busy in their daily schedule. You can pull back these customers by building the emails with the right approach. It can act as a connector for reviving the interest among the recipients.

6. Post-Purchase Email:

The post-purchase email helps in better understanding of the customers. After the product purchase, most of the marketers do not follow up with their customer. It is a blunder because as a marketer, you should be completely aware of your customer’s needs and whether your product was able to fulfill those from the beginning stage itself. This will tempt the customer for coming back to purchase the next product.

The below example is a post-purchase mail by the e-commerce giant Amazon where just below the email, one can see other products bought by the customers who ordered “Bio fruit white lip balm.”


7. Triggered Email

The triggered emails are delivered to the customers based on their behavior. They are both relevant, timely, and are automatically delivered to the customer, on a one-to-one basis. This type of email identifies the various touch points of how the prospects will be interacting with the website and trigger the email as per that behavior. The decision-makers of the B2B Organization can opt for a B2B data list, which will boost the deliverability to the ideal audience base as it magnifies the click-through rates and overall ROI.

Triggered emails are useful in the current scenario when it has become necessary to develop the email based on the behavior of the customer.


Email marketing not only increases sales but also builds a strong customer relationship. It has to be both creative and engaging, for creating trust among customers. With each sent mail, customer loyalty has to be increased. A good execution of the email campaign results in the brand recall, thus giving exposure to your products and services on a broader scale.

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