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4 Usage of Data Insights for Better Email Marketing

Email campaigns are popular marketing process to attract leads and increase conversions, but till now, many of the marketers have not mastered the art of creating effective emails. They usually run out of the fresh ideas for creating engaging email content.

Emails & Insights

It’s an uphill task to draw a recipient’s attention and get them engaged with the email content. Everyday inboxes get filled up with a huge number of emails giving a tough time to recipients. These mails either get deleted or ignored by the recipient. In such cases, as a marketer, one has to develop high-quality emails which can make an instant connection with the customer. It means emails have to present the business services aligned with customer’s requirements. This is possible with data analytics, which helps in giving essential and accurate insights assisting the marketers in developing content which can hold customer’s attention for an extended period.

Email Marketing And Business Conglomerates

It is gradually becoming common in organizations to use data for insights in developing better email campaigns. Business conglomerates like Amazon have mastered the art of email marketing. They are able to make an instant connection with the customers via email campaign.


Just as in the above example, you can see Amazon has personalized its email marketing wherever it can. It’s because the brand has been following the customer like a shadow and able to understand what will be preferred by them. Most of the recommendations are common to guess, but there are some which are made possible with the help of insights.

One can study the successful marketing strategies of these businesses, and likewise, do reverse engineering for their email campaign. It might not give amazing results in the beginning but certainly can improve the performance of the email marketing to a great extent.

Creative Data Usage For Better Email Performance

Data has been the focal point of every industry, and if utilized in the right way can bring laurels to any organization. In the marketing industry, one has to be creative enough, like presenting the “old wine in a new bottle” to draw the right attention. Creative usage of the data can impress the customer and make them want more emails from your brand.


This method has to be used very often in the marketing industry. As competition intensifies in the industry, it has become challenging for marketers to pull customer’s attention, which hugely impacts the lead generation process.

Analytics can help marketers to continuously optimize their email practices so that they can promote their brand to a wide and relevant audience.

It has been seen that most of the marketers overdo and overthink about the subject lines, keywords, the best time to send emails, etc. Although these practices are essential but they should be free to explore new practices which might bring good revenue for the organization. Every customer is different, and they do not react the way which another person would have while receiving the same email. Such circumstances call for action to go for the new practices.

Brands across the world, whether big or small have equal opportunity to utilize their data for getting useful insights. They have to utilize in the right way so that they do not miss out a chance to connect with a potential customer. With deeper insights, they become aware where the recipient is clicking within the email, on which device they opened their email, and in which part of the world this action is getting executed!!!!!

One can see the example of St.Louis law firm, which increased its click-through rate by 75% by optimizing its email content and design.


Their success metrics shot up after making the above changes.

So, how was it possible?

You guessed it right. They were drilling out the numbers, listening to their target audience, and getting into the minds of the customers.


Data and insights build up an excellent combination for email campaigns.

Every customer is different, and marketers need to understand their requirements on a complete level. Right data has to be assembled from the campaigns and other sources so that it can be analyzed for generating result-oriented insights. Data analytics is not the only source to provide the ideas, but surely it is an important one to allow testing and trying. With its correct usage, an organization can stand out from their competitors and effectively communicate with customers.

The message which resonates with the needs of the customers is guaranteed to bring good results, thus increasing sales, revenue, and ROI. Email marketing has proven to be one of the successful marketing strategies and if personalized with the help of data and insights, has the power to turn the tables in the company’s favor within a short period.

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