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Google – King of Disruptive Technology

Google has been often referred as the king of the disruptive technology. It has provided many path-breaking technologies that rocked the world and changed the way how we gathered information, interacted with each other, etc. Consumers got exposed to innovations which simplified their day-to-day life. The technology introduced by Google bought radical social and technological changes due to which the company was named as the king of disruptive technology.

Google - King of Disruptive Technology

Google’s Enticing Journey

  • The project got started in 1995, by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. At Stanford University, Larry Page was exploring the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web, in his dissertation theme.
  • During this research, Page found out the links of the web pages to a specific page and how important is the backlink information. They even came up with a new technique for figuring out how the results can be shown in a better form as compared to the existing techniques.
  • The experimental journey gave birth to Google as a company. It was finally incorporated on September 4th, 1998.
  • All through the years, Google came up with many innovations, which completely changed the world. Some of them have already changed the world, and some are on their path to change it, to make human lives better.

Google’s Top Innovations

Google, the world leader in disruptive technology, has introduced many technologies:

  • Google search engine
  • Google Map
  • Google’s Loon project
  • Google translate
  • Google Assistant

Google search engine is one of the top innovation by the company; it has:

  • Revolutionized the way information is gathered
  • Provides relevant information to the users
  • Latest data and news are available for the users

Google Maps have become an absolute necessity for people around the world. The map is helping in:

  • Capturing the location in real life
  • Reducing the use of street directories and book guides
  • Enabling in beating the traffic at peak period

Google’s Loon project, uses high altitude balloons which are placed in the stratosphere creating an aerial wireless network having 4G-LTE speeds

  • Internet service to 100,000 people in the region of Puerto Rico after the hurricane Maria in 2017.
  • In 2019, Loon will be initiated in Kenya with collaboration with Telkom Kenya.

Google translate: Google translate, which is a multi-lingual translation service by machine, first translates the text to English then to the targeted language. It offers:

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS,
  • Website interface
  • API that helps developers in building browser extensions

Google Assistant: Google assistant is available in five smart speakers, and has strong natural language conversations.

  • Ride booking( one can book the ride on Uber, Lyft, GO-JEK, Grab, Ola)
  • More tool access for some of the brands
  • New user design and functions (The new user design and functions helps improve the user experience

Google’s Upcoming Projects

Google Driverless car will be now a thing of the present than of the future. This autonomous car will:

  • Act as space saver where it can park itself
  • Be tailored as per the traffic requirements
  • Act as the green machines and will ensure less fuel consumption

Google machine learning kit, a software development kit will help the developers on the Android and iOS to integrate the pre-built ML models into the apps. This will help in:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Text recognition
  • Landmark recognition
  • Face detection
  • Image labeling

Google Soli is the sensor technology which can work with the emission of electromagnetic waves. It tracks and recognizes the gestures from the motion of hands and fingers. It does not require high spatial resolution or larger bandwidth. The gestures made above the device is a control scheme for smart watches, media players, speakers, and smartphones. It would highly help users with limited mobility.

Google- the game changer

We all know, Google has become the game changer in the technological industry. The recent addition which could be a great accomplishment for the company is the Google’s Stadia. It is a gaming platform which will be moved from the local hardware at home into the CLOUD.

Isn’t it sound great?

The gaming will require bi-directional activity, which means the traffic moving in the opposite direction at the same time, thus creating latency. This game has a huge opportunity in expanding the multiplayer gaming experience to a larger audience.

Google- Vision & Mission

The mission of the company is “organizing the world’s information and making it universally useful and accessible.”

The vision which Google has is providing access to the world’s information in just one click.

Google- Where is Stands Today

Google has always been the trendsetter; it takes pride in being different and not following the crowd. As a consumer, we always crave for new and better service; Google understands the need of their customer and develops products which can fulfill those. It gives freedom for their engineers to utilize 20% of their work time on projects which are of interest to them. Many of Google’s services, such as Google News, AdSense, and Gmail have originated from this “Innovation Time Off” policy. It thus shows innovation can help you grow and survive in the market, which Google successfully does it, being the “king of disruptive technology.”

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