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5 unique hacks to fix your database marketing

5 Unique Hacks to Fix Your Database Marketing

Data is the heart of database marketing. So, you should have accurate data as the irrelevant one can tank your marketing efforts. As a marketer, you should be aware of the hacks, which can improvise your database marketing.

Find out the best methods to improvise database marketing:

1. Personalized Email Campaigns:

Personalized emails have been the rage in recent years. If you have not implemented this strategy, then it’s high time you execute the email campaign with a personalized touch. As per a study, it was found that 50% of the organizations surveyed stated that non-personalized email campaigns had less than 3% of the response rate. They were even more costly than the personalized ones with 3.6 times more than the entire campaign.

The B2B buying process is complex when compared to the B2C, as many decision-makers are involved in the decision making procedure. The actual user, the mid-level manager, and the C-level executives, all of them have different needs. So, the email should be developed that can attract all these groups, because at some stage they might get involved in the final decision to purchase the service.

2. Simplify The Lead Capture Form:

The lead capture form accumulates the leads for your organization. So, one should ensure that the form does not become too tedious for the customer. If that happens, many times customer leave it halfway without submitting the form. B2B buyers have a hectic schedule with a line-up of important meetings, discussion, etc. In such a scenario, the form should be the basic questionnaire to capture the required information of the potential customers. They should not find it labor-intensive. The form can be linked with the landing pages to capture the essential customer-centric data and increase conversions.

3. Implementing The Segmentation:

Segmentation has played an important role in every marketing strategy. In database marketing also it has a crucial part. Without segmentation, data cannot stimulate the right marketing path to help organizations in achieving their business result.

One has to understand at which stage their customers are there in the purchase journey, their interest, preferences, motivating factors, etc. Many companies generalize the target audience and do not take the segmentation efforts until the end of the cycle. When you understand your customer segments, it helps in making sense of their data, thus helping in filling the gap of information.

4. External Database Sources:

The external database sources like Facebook can be tapped into building a database that will help in marketing directly to potential customers. By the right leveraging of the Facebook customer data, businesses can help in building the list of the messenger subscribers within the Facebook or by using the advertised products such as the Facebook lead ads to take out the interested prospects.

5. Customer Retention:

Customer retention is necessary for any organization, as the existing customers are the backbone of any organization. It is a fact; to acquire a new customer is more difficult than retaining the old one. So, marketers should improvise their retention rate by maintaining a relationship with them. You can even upsell your product or service to these customers by offering them the premium service for one month after the purchase.

Customer Lifetime value

How to develop database marketing?

Database marketing can be developed via different sources. Some of the effective sources are:

1. Demographic Data: Age, marital status, physical address, education, gender, etc.
2. Purchase History: Total number of items purchased, the intervals at which they were purchased, prices of items which were purchased, etc.
3. Customer Questionnaire & Surveys: The answers from the survey can help in building a high-quality database.
4. Location Data: The geo location which is recorded from the mobile device of the user.
5. Response History: The response history of the campaign like the number of campaigns which the customer received, how many times did they respond, which campaign they responded and what was the channel via which they responded?
6. Activity on Social Media: The names of the brands which was discussed, profile details, app ratings, etc.

Database Marketing

How to put the database marketing into real-time action?

The main focus of database marketing is to improve the brand value of the organization in the market. This next-level of communication with the customers is the emotional intelligence which organizations have to display during communication with their prospects. It increases the engagement level, improves the retention rate, and activate the dormant customers putting the focus on your brand.

Database marketing also accelerates the B2B lead generation process, thus giving a good number of conversions.

Some Of The Best Examples Of Database Marketing

One of the best examples of database marketing is Facebook, which uses the data according to the last name, first name, location, gender, interest, date of birth, contact number, email address for segmentation of the user data. Through this, Facebook is able to create personalized experiences for the customer, which is invaluable to advertisers and marketers equally. The company has data of over 2 million people and is still growing at a rapid rate. As we all know the company’s main goal was to create a platform via which the user can connect with their families, friends, and the rest of the world; and they used this database marketing on a good business scale by sharing the data to around 5 million advertisers.


As a marketer, you have a tough task to draw your prospect’s attention. There have been innumerable email marketing campaigns lately making the recipient lose their focus in a short time. In such cases, you have to fix your database marketing skills to improve the deliverability, open, and click-through rate.

If you have the best database, then you have the opportunity to implement the best database marketing strategy. The above hacks can help the B2B lead generation procedure with a highly efficient database marketing campaign.

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