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Email Tracking Software

Email Tracking Software Programs to Watch Out For

The sales team for some time have been relying on data analytics for increasing their sales, but now they can rely on the email tracking software to understand their potential customer.

Emails send to the prospects has many touch points indicating whether, at the latter stage, they will be interested in your service or not.

Touch points show how a user engages with the content of your brand, and should they be followed or ignored!!!

There are many email tracking software which can give more information about your customer than just open rate, click rate, etc. They provide full-stack integrations and CRM so that a sales representative can have the best visibility of customer’s data without opening many applications.

The email tracking software for Gmail users:
• Yesware
• ContactMonkey
• HubSpot
• Vision
• SalesLoft
• Bananatag
• Mailtrack
• Mixmax
• SalesHandy

Email tracker for the Outlook users:
• SalesHandy
• Outreach
• HubSpot

The software can answer the below questions:
• Who opened the email?
• How many times was it opened?
• Which links or attachments got opened in the email?
• From which device was it opened?
• At which location was it opened?
• When was it got opened?

As discussed before, there are many email tracking software, find the details of some of them below:

1. Yesware:

The software offers email tracking that helps in prescriptive analytics for the sales team. It helps the salespeople in anticipating the behavior of the customer and targeting them accordingly. Yesware uses the same technology which an email newsletter services use, by relying on the tracked pixel embedded at the end of the message.

Yesware screenshotThe technology helps in one-on-one communication so that the salespeople can know when their prospects are opening the messages.

2. ContactMonkey:

ContactMonkey provides email tracking service with a reporting dashboard; it provides analytics on how many reads, opens, interactions your email has got. The predictive engine also provides insight for designing the email as per the device and even knowing the best time to send the email.

3. HubSpot:

The HubSpot email tracking software can tell when your leads open the email and further keeping them engaged.

Some of the best features of this software are:
• Checking the history of the lead
• Email templates
• Email schedule
• Email sequence

4. VISION By InsideSales:

The vision platform helps in tracking the attachments, email opens, forwards, and giving insights about who all are engaging with your services page. The reporting features inform when and how to follow up with the existing contacts. Further managers can use the information for improving the sales team performance. There is a click-to-call feature from which you can know whether somebody has looked at your email and to call them immediately. Vision gives real-time results so that you can reach out to the prospects.

Vision by insidesales

5. SalesLoft:

SalesLoft is not only used for creating sales emails but also tracking them. With a wide range of email tracking software available in the market, SalesLoft provides more convenience as it integrates with the Salesforce. The software can perform all the email activities just inside the Salesforce. SalesLoft also makes it easier for creating personalized and automated sequences based on the trigger.

6. Bananatag:

The software has been one of the best email trackers and helps in tracking the emails right from the inbox. One can get email scheduling and basic notifications with this software. For detailed notifications and reports, one needs to upgrade to the paid plans. The dashboard displays the reports in which you can see all the important metrics.

7. Mailtrack:

Mailtrack is a simple email tracker which goes well with the Gmail. Whenever an email is tracked with the Mailtrack, then one can see who has read the email with green tick marks.

Mailtrack gmail
8. Mixmax:

This email tracker is worth trying. The tracker works like a chrome plugin and integrates well with the Gmail. You can track the email right from the inbox. Not only it helps in tracking the open email, but also in tracking downloads and clicks. Many times you will send the same email to multiple recipients; in such cases, Mixmax helps in tracking each person so that you can know who opened the email and who didn’t.

9. SalesHandy:

It provides a set of enablement tools that also has email tracking features. The browser notifications alert the user any time a person opens a tracked email. Check the below image:

Saleshandy Mail


Email tracking tools are great tools for helping the sales team in their follow-up process. Most of them work under pressure to achieve their sales number, so when they can use a tool which provides them useful information of their customers, then it becomes a lot easier in contacting the priority leads.

The faster they contact them, the easier it becomes for closing a deal. So, reach out to your potential customer at the right time before your competitor reaches out to them.

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