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Email Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

Email marketing empowered with artificial intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence is here, dissolving all the pre-defined conventional boundaries and laying a futuristic and robust foundation for marketing in different industries. It has changed the complete structure of the processes followed in organizations and will continue to do so in the coming years.

As an email marketer, you would have struggled to connect with your potential customers with the right strategy. The click-through rate, open rate would not have been as per your desired results thus raising the question WHAT ARE THE LOOPHOLES?

Which is, that you missed the optimization process of your email campaign.

Let’s take the example of email marketing in financial services. It’s a tough task to create compelling email content as a content marketer for financial services. Adding further, there is the CNBC report which says 30% of the Americans are worried about money all the time, it becomes beyond the means of only the marketer to deliver an engaging content with Call-To-Action.

In this scenario, an email campaign empowered with AI, can fill the void in the process. AI can assist the financial marketers in making sense of the encompassed complex data stored in the database thus enabling them to develop content for turning customer’s stress into happiness. This can even set their company apart from the competitors by being one of the trusted financial advisors of their potential customers.

As you know a proper strategy has to be followed along with targeting the right audience, AI can help you out in both of these and generate maximum business results for your campaign. Machine learning, which is an application of AI, can provide the system with the learning process through experiential learning rather than being programmed. Both AI and machine learning can run efficient tasks like targeting, statistics, scheduling, email verification in a seamless and simple mode. The tools can even determine the right frequency and the right time to send personalized emails to the audience enabling an efficient communication process. With time, AI can predict the content for special offers, bringing out the best conversion from a sale.

Email For Different Time Zone:

It is a well-known fact that sending emails at the right time zone results in a good business outcome.

Different countries have varied time zones and sending emails to each customer, require proper planning and implementation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning go hand-in-hand by optimizing the process where the customer receives mail at his convenient time. This improves the click-through rate and open rate of the emails.

Personalized Emails:

Knowing your customer’s likes, dislikes, interests, helps in developing the right content for your prospect.

As rightly said by one of the renowned physicists, Stephen Hawking

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

AI has the capacity for figuring out three prompts which are detect, develop and deliberate, and enable the brand to personalize the content so that the right message can be delivered at the right time automatically. It is even capable of personalizing the subject lines which has been seen as 95% more effective than human written content. As cognitive content improves, it is to be seen how in future machine written content will fare when compared to human written content.

Tracking Recipients:

AI can even track the active recipient at a particular time which is nearly impossible by any human being. Adobe has integrated the tools in their campaigns which not only write subject lines for individual customers but also improves the image related content as per the liking of the customer. The algorithm can calculate the customer’s reactions to a specific image and find alternative images as per their preferences. It can analyze subscribers on different parameters such as the types of email which they open, emails they received in a campaign, etc. Based on that email campaigns are automated.


It is in the best interest of every email marketer to integrate artificial intelligence in their email campaign process, as customers are becoming attention deficient with time. With artificial intelligence, marketers can connect with them at the most productive time zone with a trigger based marketing mail. One should understand that artificial intelligence will not replace human being but assist them in their decision making process and manual tasks. It will increase the relevancy of message by delivering to the recipient who is more likely to get engaged thus saving the money. You become a better marketer by expanding your capabilities with the new age Artificial Intelligence tool

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