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Tactics to use customer reviews in content marketing

Tactics to Use Customer Reviews in Content Marketing

Are you scared of customer reviews?

You should not be!!!!

Instead, learn the tactics to use it for promoting your service……

Whether you make New Year’s resolution or need some motivation for ramping up the marketing strategy, January is the excellent month to get it started with some fresh marketing blogs.There is no business in this world which is 100% perfect. Each of them has flaws, and they work on it to achieve perfection. It is observed that customers often post negative reviews whenever they are dissatisfied with a product or service. Companies believe that if they delete these reviews, it will present a better picture of their brand which is not correct. Potential customers can see these reviews even from a third party site like Angie’s List, Yelp and G2 Crowd. The best strategy to implement in this scenario is to include these reviews on your website to make it look authentic. The moderate negative reviews can be put along with the best positive reviews on the main page. This helps in winning the trust of the potential customers as they get to see a balanced opinion about the product.

1. A Dedicated Page For Customer Reviews:

It’s better to create a dedicated page for the review on your company’s website where both moderate negative reviews and positive reviews are displayed. You can make it an interactive one like thanking back the customer who posted positive feedback and showing concern to the customer who posted the negative one by assuring him of improving the service.

Customer reviews which are a part of user-generated content are the future of content marketing where potential customers want to see the real-time feedback. They will use all their resources to find out “why they should not purchase a specific product or use a service?” If the companies can show some proof which is the feedback, both positive and negative, they will not visit any other site and will see what the company shows them. They will get to see more positive reviews than the negative ones creating a good image of the product.

A study by Spiegel Research Center states that displaying reviews can increase the conversion rates by 270%.

As per the Pew Research, a purchase decision by the consumer is highly influenced by online reviews. It states that:

• Almost half of the adults who are under the age of fifty regularly check online reviews before making any buying decision.
• 53% of the people between the age group of 18-29 read product or service reviews.
• 1 out of 10 Americans shares review about the product or service, 4 out of 10 shares it in social media.
• Almost 40% of the consumers make the decision after reading at least 1-3 reviews.

2. Generate Ideas To Get Customer Reviews:

As it is a known fact that the main motive of any business is to motivate the customer to buy their product or service. The marketing strategy is planned as per the needs of the customers, so the content should be also designed in a manner which addresses the pain points of the customers and presents solutions to resolve them. It can be in the form of content, video, audio, picture or text. Customer reviews are an eye opener of the brand value of the product. If the content revolves around the subject which guides the customer with the best solution, the product has higher chances of becoming popular among the customers.

Most of the people love to read opinions, even it is the opinion of strangers. They will take this advice without referring to any other thing mentioned on the company’s website. In this scenario, companies should make a strategy of asking open-ended questions to the customers like “How helpful was the service or the product?” or “How was the interaction with the service agent?” This can initiate the conversation between you and your customer to get an overall idea about their experience, and if you find their experience satisfactory, then it is the best idea for asking them to submit their reviews on the website. The best feature of the product which customers write about can be highlighted which is like “it saves time,” “100% efficiency”, etc. in the testimonials page. The only thing you have to plan is to ask the questions at the right time so that you receive the genuine answers.

3. Adding Reviews To The Blog Post:

One can find the blog posts in all the B2B websites as it builds up the brand of the businesses. You can link the positive testimonials in the form of a pop-up or link a specific part of the blog to the testimonials page. This strategy is very beneficial as customers get to see what they want to see. They want to know whether they are going to get the “value for money” after the purchase, which they get to see from the online reviews. The blog posts subtly promote the business, and with the linking of the testimonials page, it is bound to win the confidence of the potential customer. You should oversee that it does not sound over promotional or forced marketing. The links should display naturally so that the customer does not get wary of your sales strategy.

4. Sharing On Social Media:

Reviews can be a part of the digital marketing strategy. In the current scenario, almost all the businesses and customers are on social media. Companies are posting messages, sharing videos, content, etc. making it an effective platform for sharing positive reviews and gain the attention of the customers. The strategy personalizes the digital marketing campaign by including everything which is a small positive comment or an impressive story about the product or service.

Wrapping Up:

Customers have been giving reviews from many years through word-of-mouth or by posting on different sites. It’s time for the businesses to intelligently use these reviews to promote their brand and get more visibility. One of the popular forms of marketing which is content marketing can integrate these reviews in different styles, to drag the attention of the customers towards the offered services or product. Businesses should use the proper tactics to get the best of reviews and utilize them in their content marketing strategy.

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